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Don't read on if you haven't read River at the Ranch.



AJ Reed lost his beloved wife to cancer far before anyone was ready to lose her.
In the time since her death he is left with a ridiculously successful estate that his wife made sure he would have
access to.

The money he now has allows him to buy several ranches in the River's End area. Desperate for something to fill his time, and bring some meaning to his days, he now finds himself as a significant land baron. 

Reed Ranch Enterprises, to date, has four separate spreads, including the original one his son, Asher first brought him in as partner on.

He will tap into workers of the area to help manage his now large holdings.

With them... come new adventures, dramas, romance and experiences. 

Including... AJ's own. 

So stay tuned for the pre-equal to this series, a novella about AJ that will lead into Book #1.

The first book will be about former Rydell River Ranch employee and now Reed Ranch foreman, Mack Baker.

Stay tuned for the story that will start this exciting new series!