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My words will make you think, make you feel and smile or laugh. You will find yourself happy and sad, often on the same page.

My words will annoy you, frustrate you, make you cringe, make you pause, make you think... but that's the thing, my words will make you feel something.

My romance isn't fake or fantasy.

It's not tropish or feel good.

My romance doesn’t save someone simply because they fall in love.

Never. Not once.

Because my romance is real.

It's real life.

Real times.

Real people. Real problems. Real jobs.

Real families. Real relationships. Real joy…

Real Emotions.

Raw & Riveting Romance.jpg

Books by Series...

The Other Sister Book Cover

The Other Sister

"Leanne takes us on a journey through our souls where we cringe and gasp and cry and laugh." 

Paula, Goodreads Reviewer

River's End EBOOK 12-22-2021.jpg

River's End

"I always give them River’s End. To me, it’s the perfect catalyst into the romance community. It hijacked my heart and I’ve never been the same since."

-Stealing Our Hearts Book Blogger

Poison Book Cover


"Wow...what a great book with lots of twists and turns throughout the book!! I think Leanne Davis is a brilliant author."

-Tracy, Goodreads Reviewer


Romance you can relate to


Latest Release

The latest in the Rydell River Ranch Series (Formerly part of River's End Series): River through the Valley... Read about Jack & Erin's daughter, Melanie Rydell.

Are my books for you?

My characters are at times; dark and quiet,

serious and intense, or light and funny, or even hard and impossible.

They can be meek, scared, and fragile.

Or other times they can be strong, amazing, confident, and even brilliant.

They are broken and confused, struggling and abused.

They are the heroes, they are the villains, and everyone in between.

And because all people, can be all of these things… all at once even, that is exactly the experience reading my characters will bring you.

 So, if you are looking for something a little bit different,

one of my books might be for you.

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