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There have been some changes to the set up of the River's End Series. I've broken up what was a 17 book series into two series. The first ten books are still the River's End Series. This series tells the story of the original Rydell family and friends. 

What was book 11 (River in Darkness) is now Book #1 in the The Rydell River Ranch Series,  which is the next series and starts decades later, and is about the next generation of Rydells and friends.

There are also two branch off series I will be starting in 2022.
They are the Reed Ranch Series and Rescue Ranch Series.
All  4 series take place in/around the small town of River's End and therefore, are all part of the of the umbrella of "River's End Romance".

For a timeline of all the characters & summary information to clairify the River's End World Check out the links below!