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Left alone together on an isolated ranch, with a contentious start, and three little girls as their only distraction, what could possibly go wrong?… Or right?

Maggie Whitlock escapes a cheating husband, while dragging her three little girls with her to hibernate across the state with her mother. She’s offered the chance to live at the isolated, but lovely, Sugar Hill Ranch. The owner’s son, however, promised the house to gruff, cowboy, Mack Baker who is the new foreman of the ranch. 

A shocking meeting, a contentious start, and opposites about almost everything, neither of them is willing to give up their spot on the ranch. Mack proclaims his dislike of children, while Maggie makes sure to relish rubbing his nose in the fact, that she has three of them. Their knowledge and strengths in life are the exact opposites. But when Mack saves her kids from several life-threatening incidents, she concedes maybe he’s a blessing instead of a curse for them.

When they finally find a tentative truce, friendship develops, and she starts to figure out how she came to be at this place in her life. Perhaps the most shocking develop in their lives however, is when they become far more than just housemates. That is until Maggie’s daughter, takes something of Mack’s, and his disproportionate reaction reveals a side of Mack that no one suspected. A history that will alter and possibly destroy everything between them… 


Content Warning: Please note this title deals with divorce, memories of a child’s death, strong language, sexual situations, and mature content matter.

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