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The Beginning:
This series will start with telling the full story of Kianna, founder of the non-profit Shield Shelter, which houses local area at-risk youth.

This endeavor has led to a joint relationship with the Rydell River Ranch, to provide a summer program for Shield Shelter's inhabitants.
However, there is a constant need for funding and one of the biggest financial donors is Darren Santis, who owns a local wester-themed retail store.

The partnership between Kianna and Darren leads to a joint venture to continue their work for the at-risk youth in a new place called, Rescue Ranch.

(I have a short novella written about Kianna and Darren... but always intended to make it a full length novel and 2022 is the year!)

Book #2 will be about Felicity who we first met in River's Rescue as Finn Alexander's first deaf friend.

This series will take place both in the River's End area and in the city of Everett where Shield Shelter was first opened.

It will have a more "city-feel" but the same depth of character, family connections and sagas that all River's End Romance's provide!

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