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Sheltering You

Darren Santis has known that Kianna is the woman he must have since the day he met her. She's the director of the local, at-risk youth shelter which his corporation sponsors for obscene amounts of money... all for Kianna. But still, she doesn't see him as anything but a cocky playboy. Can he ever get her to take a second glance at him?

Because he's nothing like she thinks... and everything that she needs. 

She remembered it all. Every single mome

River's End Extended Epilogue: Jack & Erin

Jack and Erin’s journey continues over The River’s End Series, which now numbers in the double digits.

But if you'd like immediate answer to their relationship then this novella is for you! 

These passages parallel existing books, and are behind-the-scenes moments from Jack and Erin’s viewpoints that follow several decades.

It’s anticipated you’ve already read River’s End, Book #1 (at a minimum) before you read this bonus content.


The End:

The Other Sister: Extended Epilogue 

Available from my Newsletter and it's also included as the epilogue of my novel "EMILY".

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