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Zenith's Legacy: Releasing September 9th

The last two months I've been working on editing my next 4 releases. These releases start on September 9th. 

I'm so excited (like a giddy kid!) with how the series turned out. I had the idea FOR YEARS to add onto this series.  I anticipated what to write and had high expectations. I actually stressed if I could meet them and avoided writing the stories until Covid hit. When half hibernated, I finally went for it and wrote them all! 

But... I loved the edgier, city-to-country life and having super rich and famous characters (which isn't usually my thing!) in this series and that's why I wanted to continue it. I'd imagined out the effects these more extreme lifestyles would have on ordinary family life. I always wanted to explore what these type of kids might turn out like. And these books tell those stories!

That is also why if you haven't read the first 3 books it isn't necessary to totally enjoy the next 4!

I'm thrilled with how unique, different from each other, and interesting each one turned out. 

I can't wait for you to read them ALL.

But to start with is the first one, Zenith's Legacy. 

The start to the second part of this series is Kathy's story as she tries to ignore the trapping of fame and then ends up in a pretty steamy, and surprising, battle of wills with her new bodyguard.

Oh yes, it's a trope, but a delicious one! With a few twists on it. :)

Order here:

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