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River to the Ocean: Next Release

River's End Series has (at least) two more books releasing to it this year: June 8th & October 12th.

Next to release is River to the Ocean which is a journey with three people who will form a family with an extremely unconventional start, and this new family touches the hearts of all around them.

It's a heart-wrenching and heart-warming journey through the intricacies of love and relationships, when it is all vulnerable, new and needed.

This book explores what makes a family (and hopefully at the end you'll feel that is answered for this family).

I think you'll also fall in love with Benny, the 6 year old son who is the lynch pin of this book. He stole my heart and hopefully will yours too!

Stay tuned to read this!


Suddenly. Without any preamble or warning. No sound of a car pulling in or the garage door opening. It was like Matt teleported himself into the entryway.

Opening the door, he started to say, “Hey, Gr—”

But the words died on his tongue. His head shifted back a tiny amount, and the whites of his eyes widened. Glancing at his granddad and then at Lillian in amazement, Matt watched Lillian jump to her feet. Clasping her clammy hands together, she twisted her fingers and tried not to fidget. She smiled feebly.

“Lillian?” Matt said with undisguised shock in his tone.

“Hey… hi… yes. I—I hope it’s okay that I stopped by…”

“Stopped by? Aren’t you about three hundred miles from your home?”

“Yes… yes… um…” Glancing towards Granddad, who made a face at Matt, Lillian was speechless.

“Matt, she stopped by to see you. She must have had some business in the area. Don’t be rude.”

Matt’s face immediately recovered from the shock, but a tiny bit of suspicion remained in his expression. He nodded and a smile touched his lips. “Right. Yes, you’re right, Granddad. Welcome to our home, Lillian. It’s a pleasant surprise.”

It wasn’t at all. But for Granddad, Matt concealed his alarm and displeasure. No, maybe not that bad, but his puzzlement persisted. She randomly showed up at his house after he got home from work. Yes, it was quite strange. She understood his hesitancy. Honestly, she’d be much more put off if he were inside her house. At least he approached their family business where guests and strangers were allowed. Not like her visit. She invaded his space. And met the most precious person in his life, his granddad.

Setting his mouth into a straight line, Matt did not welcome her but neither did he display his anger. His hesitancy bothered her. She had to do some mental dancing because it was weird she came there. Especially after the way she brushed him off at her place without making any plan to connect beyond the moments they shared on the deck of the resort check-in office. She didn’t suggest seeing him again or anything. Her polite demeanor could not discount the sparks they both experienced, but not asking to see him again was pretty obvious.

Now, he comes home from work, more than two weeks later, and surprise! There she was with his granddad, in his house. Out of nowhere. Naturally, he felt suspicious and cautious, but most of all he was wondering what the hell?

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Ruth Riordan
Ruth Riordan
Aug 28, 2021

There she was with his granddad, Detroit Lions Jacket in his home. Out of the blue.

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