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7 Years Ago Today!

โœจ 7 years ago today this went live on kindle! โœจ

It was my second book to be released but the first book that I indie published. This was my real start for building a writing career. Without the amazing reception of this book I don't think I'd be where I am today.


It's been an incredible 7 years where I've had blind, dumb luck and a few planned, smart moves!!! I've had some wins... and some hard losses. I've achieved some personal goals and milestones, then I moved those milestones and reached most of those! There is always more to reach and aspire to... but I'm far from done yet!!

There was a point in 2017 where due to a changing publishing market I had to relearn almost everything I used to do. For two years I worked to learn, grown, and re-envision how I marketed, to match an industry that is constantly doing all those things!

But still going, still writing, still releasing.

Still in love with it all!!


Thank you for listening to my little celebration.

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