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Drummer Ross Karahan, has no burning ambitions for success or anything, really. He plays the music he loves, but unfortunately, it can’t feed or shelter him. Needing both, he responds to an ad in the Seattle area, offering an internship for a local band. To both his pleasure and annoyance, he wins the spot and subsequently meets the liaison for the program. She turns out to be a local business tycoon’s rich, spoiled, diva-daughter and Ross instantly dismisses her as a symbol of everything he does not want in his life. It is easy to manipulate people when they are enamored of you. Ross understands that and uses it to his advantage.




But nobody treats Jody Lassiter with anything less than respect and care… and she soon rejects every one of his vices. She won’t accept anything less than his best from him or how she’s treated. Something Ross is not used to giving or receiving. But life has taught him that everything ends. Nothing works out. So when it once again doesn’t… he leaves. Without a word. No reason to discuss it.


Until Ross realizes that the combined effects of his latest endeavor are much deeper than he expected. There is no one in the world for him, except all those he left behind. When he needs them the most… how can he dare come back?

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