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One day, everyone will know his name.
Xavier Montgomery knew exactly how to become rich and famous. His voice. But how many wannabe singers could there be, all competing for the same break? Rob Williams, the front man of the eminent rock band, Zenith is the ideal vehicle for Xavier’s plans.
All he has to do? Is meet Rob’s daughter, Karlee.
There is nothing special about being the daughter of a famous rock star. In Karlee Randall’s opinion, it is neither exciting nor illicit, but all kinds of ordinary. The lifestyle doesn’t affect her much, aside from the unnecessary headache of strangers always trying to use her to meet her stepdad. Few can get past her invisible wall. She erected it long ago for protection and mental serenity.
When a teacher at her college randomly assigns Xavier Montgomery as her partner for a school project, Karlee finds it refreshing to meet someone without any underlying motives. In working closely together, they become fast friends. Then she discovers Xavier can sing too; so it’s only natural that she tell her dad. The ensuing mentorship brings Karlee and Xavier closer than she’s ever been to anyone.
Until he finds the fame that his voice deserves… and the consequences of that might cost them both everything...

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