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Being the daughter of a rock star kind of sucks.
Kathy Randall has worked very hard to keep her stepdad’s rock band, Zenith and the clinging fans out of her daily existence. She finally has her life exactly on track and how she wants it; she works in music on her own terms and is engaged to the pastor of the church she works at.
When Eric James took the security job for Rob Williams, the lead singer of his favorite band, Zenith, Eric hoped to become Rob’s bodyguard. But unfortunately, his assignment is to guard Rob’s stepdaughter. The shy, quiet, awkward, middle daughter, who works in a church, and whom he met under the strangest circumstances.
Eric both infuriates and intrigues her. Their relationship allows her to be uncharacteristically argumentative, opinionated, and surprising to Kathy, honest. But before she can figure out what it is happening between them, the legacy that only Zenith could bring into their lives shatters them in a way nobody predicted, except maybe, the one person it almost destroys…

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