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They're the last two people who should be together... but they're the only one each other wants.

Nick Lassiter is a powerful business magnate who has no room in his life for anyone or anything, but especially the sad, scared, mixed up girl that he finds in Joelle Williams. He’s her friend, her boss and once-in-a-while savior. And that’s all he is because she’s married to the lead singer of the rock band, Zenith.

But because of Zenith, Joelle’s life is spiraling out of control into dark places she can’t escape. Until one fateful night, when her entire life implodes… and Nick is the only person she has to turn to. Joelle soon sees only one thing clearly: Nick Lassiter has become so much more than just a friend who can save her.
He has become her only chance to survive, to heal, to change.
To love.  



“When you read a Leanne Davis book you know it’s going to be something so painfully emotional, and tragic, that your stomach feels knotted while reading it. When I saw she had a new series coming out I was both happy and scared at the same time. Her characters go through feelings of guilt, sadness and devastated sympathy before getting there happy ending and as a reader you are along on that emotional journey from beginning to end. This is the first book in a 3 book series. The series is based loosely around the members of a band called Zenith.” --Cindy, SnS Revews


“Fantastic story of finding one's true love through every obstacle and heartbreak. Emotional, captivating, and amazing!! Complete opposites find their one true person in each other. Struggles, fights, drama, and obstacles they face...but they do it together. Just beautiful! Love it!” –Rebecca, Goodreads Reviewer


“I loved this book! She is soooo fragile yet not, he is sooooo strong yet gentle. It left me with a tear in the corner of my eye almost throughout the book.” –Dana, Goodreads Reviewer


“The book is fantastic and there is really only one reason why: NICK LASSITER. For the record, I'm not a fangirl, I don't give out 5 stars like candy on Halloween and I don't have "book boyfriends". However, I have come across a few heroes that I loved so much I could actually envision being with someone like them IRL. And Nick happens to be my perfect idea of a MAN. He is not a boy who throws dramatic tantrums and gets off on being an alpha male who intimidates others and sleeps with anything that moves. He is a very intelligent, wealthy, responsible, caring, hot MAN.” --Copper 78, Goodreads Reviewer


“I really loved Nick from the beginning and loved following the evolution of their relationship. I am lookong forward to reading the next two boks of this series.” –Briana, Goodreads Reviewer


“Great story and sweet romance about a woman finally become someone she was meant to be without people telling her to be someone she is not and a man helping her show that. Loved Nick.” –DrivenbyBooks, Goodreads Reviewer


“The story is a slow burn, and there is lots of chemistry between Joelle and Nick. Be warned that there is an emotional cheating aspect to their story. Joelle does mature considerably during this story and learns to take charge of her life, but it’s a hard fought road. Fans of opposites attract and friend-to-lovers romance should check out this rock star themed romance.” –Dee, Goodreads Reviewer


“A dark and gritty read. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series.” –Liz, Goodreads Reviewer





Her feet shuffled behind him, and finally, she spoke quietly, “I’m sorry. For everything I said to you that day. You’re, well, you’ve been the only friend I’ve had in years, and—”

“You forgot what it was like to have a friend? They can help you out, you know, when you really need it the most?”

“Maybe,” she said softly. “Or maybe I was afraid.”

“Of what? Why would you be afraid of me? That doesn’t make sense.”

“Not afraid of you, afraid I needed you more than I need—well, more than I should need you.”

Nick turned as the elevator finally opened; he knew exactly what Joelle feared. She was afraid he was right about her marriage, her husband, and her life. So she pushed him away to keep pretending, and sink further into the quagmire her life and marriage had become. He’d thrown her a few lifelines, but she made sure to cut the final one. He was done. He got the message.

He stared at her through the elevator door opening, and finally nodded. “Fine. Apology accepted.”

“Nick, wait, please.”

He hesitated, and told himself to ignore her, to stay in the elevator, and go down to see Erica. He wished he could just forget he’d ever met Joelle Williams, her problems, and the uncanny hold she had over him. But instead, he put his arm out to stop the doors from closing and stepped out.

“What?” he snapped. His voice was too loud for someone who didn’t talk loud. Why was he talking so loud? Why was he letting her get to him? He took a deep breath, to calm himself before speaking. “Your job is yours for as long as you want. You don’t have to apologize. Just forget it.”

“Why didn’t you fire me?”

“Because what we argued about was personal. Not any reason to fire you. Your job performance is nearly perfect. That’s business. I know the difference.”

“We did more than argue. I accused you of terrible things.”

“You did. You made your point clear. And I think things between us are best left as nothing but business.”

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