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When I was two, I was left in the basement of an old community center, all alone by my own mother. She never came back for me.

When I was five, a man came for me, claiming to be my father.

When I was eight, I gutted my first fish alone.

When I was thirteen, I was mostly running my own business.

When I was fifteen, I murdered a man.

When I was twenty, I became the literal definition of a whore.

After every single thing that’s ever happened in my life, Gus liked to say with a wink, grin, and kindness in his tone, “Now that was a true story."

Tru Story.

That’s my name, not the beginning of a narrative. A name that has amused, frustrated, and followed me every day of my entire life.

Now at twenty, I've found my place in Selk, content with who and what I've become.

Until that one summer... the summer when the North family in the form of Kyler and his dad Hans, come to Selk and from the moment they drive their matching corvettes through our streets... nothing was ever the same again.

For anyone.

But most especially... me.

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