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Ally McKinley has been told how perfect she is so often that she now strives to live up to that ideal. Her father abandoned her family when she was a just a kid, but it taught her the importance of taking care of herself. She must keep everything around her under perfect order and control to avoid ever again being so blindsided. Her type A personality helped her sail through school and her college years, but that merely reinforces the positive aspects to being so perfect.

It also prevents almost everyone from ever seeing who she really is.

Nate Stratton attends the same college. He is in the same grade, majoring in the same subject, and even shares family with Ally. Ally is smart, funny, sarcastic, and, to everyone else’s eyes, the perfect college senior, about to take her world by storm. Nate, however, finds Ally’s need for perfection ridiculous, especially after he learns the secret he’s pretty sure no one, not even her sister or mother, know about her. Her secret threatens her health as well as her life. He thinks she is taking a stupid gamble to uphold her illusion of perfection. What good is striving to be perfect if she never allows herself to feel anything real? He intends to show her that imperfection is far more interesting than trying to live up to an ideal that might ultimately kill her.

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“This author excels at making me ugly cry reading her stories. She tackles writing about taboo subjects in such realistic fashion your heart is wrenched with each story.” –Cindy, SnS Reviews


“Whenever I read a book written by Leanne I am always amazed at how her characters are so lifelike. I really feel their emotions and thoughts. The Perfect Sister is a truly gripping read. Ally and Nate are two compelling characters and their story is really addictive.” –Susan, Goodreads Reviewer


“Awesome read. Just like the others it addresses real issues with heart and soul. I loved this story, I loved how it gave readers insight on how Ally handled Kylie’s stuff.” Aimee, Goodreads Reviewer


“Love this series!! These books never have a dull moment. When I think I know what’s going to happen it changes into something else. It keeps me wanting more!” Chrissie, Goodreads Reviewer



“You can take me. But I need to see her alone. I need to fix this. I have to make her understand… I love her. I’m so stubborn and stupid and trying to make her be…”

“You’re just human. Your feelings were hurt. She’ll understand that. Shh, Ally. It’ll be okay. I promise. I’m here. I’ll help you. I love you, Ally. I’ll help you.”

She clutched Nate’s shirt in her fists, shaking her head. Love? Did he? Did she? Help her? As if he knew… or could comprehend what she did. What she was. As if he could love her with the shameful habit she hid inside her bathroom? She almost laughed and snorted and screamed. As if anyone could love her if they knew how she coped. How ugly her solution was. The forbidden compulsion that so strongly dominated her life.

But no! No. NO. She was fine. She had it under control… usually. It did not rule her life.

“You don’t know what you’re saying,” she whispered.

He, of course, thought she was denying his proclamation of love. “I know what I feel. I know what I feel about you and have for a very long time. Years even.”

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