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A shameful secret.
A violent past.
And the thing that she is the most perfect at?
Hiding it all.
Lindsey Johanson knows how to keep quiet about anything and everything, including the monster her husband becomes behind closed doors. Circumstances allow her to make a temporary escape from him, and with the friendship of veterinarian Noah Clark, she learns that she doesn’t have to be so good or obedient. But she also knows that the woman she is becoming is someone her husband will never allow her to be.
Noah discovers what Lindsey has hidden all these years. He goes to superhero efforts to help her find the strength to break free of all she's suffered. Lindsey starts to understand that her life doesn’t have to be what her father or husband tried to make it. That is, if she can live long enough to claim what she wants and who she wants to be. For Lindsey knows, and what Noah doesn’t fully comprehend, is that nothing will stop her husband from destroying her.
No matter how long it takes.

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“As a reader I so look forward to a new release from Leanne Davis. Her books are the most emotional, gut-wrenching tragic stories. You know from the first page you are just going to have to hang on for that emotional ride with the characters as they go through their heartbreak and fight to overcome it right up until the last page.” -5 Stars  --Cindy, SnS Reviews
“As much of this is a romance novel, the reality of the story is true to this day. Hats off to the writer incorporating real life issues into a romance story. ABSOLUTELY fabulous.” --Dena, Goodreads Reviewer
“To say that Leanne Davis is a great writer is a huge understatement. The amount of pure raw emotion she can evoke with her words and stories is just astounding. I am in awe of her talent. I love reading the words she puts on the pages, because they are more than just words, they are a true story!!!” --Amber, A Beautiful Book Blog
 "The Good Sister is about domestic abuse and how one woman, Lindsey is able to have the strength to break free of it. It is courageous, heart-breaking, and in definite need of tissues..." --Wendy, Good Book Alert
“You sneaky, clever author, you! Oh my goodness, this was a great read! It was harsh, and angsty, and real, just like the other two, and you just cooked it up right like pineapple upside cake baked in an iron skillet! WOOT!  :D  Yes, I cried like an idiot in this one, too, and hated, and was frustrated(mostly for Noah), but knew you would wrap it all up perfectly. Thank you for the awesome read." --Ursula, Goodreads Reviewer
“This is one of the best Books I have ever read concerning Domestic Violence, The abuse, Facing self, Escape ,finding Self and loving your Self. Eventually Loving and Trust. It was A given to attach 5 🌟 to this well Written Book by Leanne Davis.”  --Delena, Goodreads Reviewer
“Well written and captivating. I couldn't wait to keep reading this book to see what was going to happen to Lindsey. Seriously could not stop reading this book! I look forward to reading other books by Leanne Davis.” --Karen, Goodreads Reviewer
“What an amazing story. The topic is so intense and this book addresses it so beautifully. Lindsay is he survivor. I love how she doesn’t just gloss over anything you see and feel everything Lindsay and Noah go through. Just beautiful.” --Dawn, Goodreads Reviewer
“What a great story! The whole thing had me on edge. Just trying to find out what was going to happen in the story. It didn't end the way I thought it would.” --Trisha, Bookbub Reviewer
“You deny whatever you are. I can’t figure out why. But I know you do.”
“I just accept what I am.”
“No, you accept what Elliot says you are.”
His eyes stayed on her and he stepped forward, half a step. Slowly. Her back was leaning into her car door.
“I accept what is my life.”
“It doesn’t have to be that way.”
She gasped. Did he actually say that? No, no way. She heard him wrong. His blue eyes stared into hers. His body heat singed her. A dizzy, crazy, spiral of images filled her head. Why did he say that? What could it mean? He moved his hand down until he was cupping her jaw, and held her still. His eyes were on her mouth and her heart started pounding. It was going to burst from her chest. Her breaths came in weak, shallow spurts. Her legs trembled. No. No. Noah could not mean to kiss her. If Elliot ever knew, he’d rip her guts out. He’d beat her into a pulpy, untouchable mess. He’d kill her. He would. She knew he would. He promised her so. She had to breathe. She was dizzy and felt like she was going to pass out. Breathe deeper. In and out. But… that didn’t work. Her lips parted and she raised onto her toes just slightly towards him. Just enough.

Trigger Warnings: 

Graphic reference to violence and  sexual violence.

Domestic Violence
Domestic Abuse
Sexual Assault
Explicit language
Explicit sex
Mental Illness


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