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Colten Cabot. That boy. The boy I loved.
The hulking figure before me is no boy, not anymore. Nothing like the boy I remember.

Coming to Bear Creek, Colorado, I am part of a select team hired to stage the grand opening of a new, high-end resort, the latest achievement of the company for which I work. We are taking full advantage of the USA Music festival, an event that is scheduled on the same weekend, and advertising it as the main draw. As team leader, I am working above and beyond, entirely behind the scenes, and often have to work overtime. I keep noticing the janitor of the building during these late nights. He continuously skulks around, staying within my range of view but never actually bothering me. I fail to fully see him until one late evening when his gaze pierces right through me and I realize all at once whom I’ve been observing: Colten Cabot.

Colten abruptly left me a decade ago without any warning or explanation. Once a rich boy with the world at his feet, he is now relegated to working as a janitor in a microscopic town. I can only wonder how and why that happened. I should hate him for his cruelty and thoughtlessness when he broke my heart, but I am still inexplicably drawn to him. Now that I recognize his identity, I am more than eager to hear the answers I deserve as to why and where he went ten years ago, but I have to remind myself this is not the boy I used to love. Not anymore.

But this man now? Do I dare allow him one more chance to earn my trust?

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Colten Cabot is the boy. The boy I loved..jpg
A Colten. My first love. My first friend. My first lover. My first heartbreak. And my firs
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