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Never fitting into his family of horse ranchers, biker Shane Rydell, needs the open road over the horse pastures of his youth.

He has spent his life trying to find a road that can travel between the family he loves and the open road he is pulled towards. He can’t seem to sever the connection to a place he doesn’t want to be from, but which, he always seems destined to return to.

Prim and proper school teacher, Allison Gray has been burned deep enough she will never risk her heart again after a failed marriage that has left her devastated. A rare teaching opportunity brings her to the small town of River’s End. Meeting the obnoxious and swaggering Shane Rydell, when he comes to his nephew’s conference, Allison is confident that his charms will never work on her.

But underneath the callous, cocky smile is a rare heart that becomes the only person to finally breech the concrete wall Allison has surrounded her grief with. Just as she considers trusting this man, so opposite of her but so genuine, does the unexpected happen. Past fears and anguish make her pull away from Shane, sure of one thing: she will never go through the same devastation that sent her running to River’s End. Even if that means losing Shane.

But instead of breaking them, their connection will become something far more than either of them ever dreamed of… it will become everything.  



"This author never ceases to take me on an emotional roller coaster ride with every book she writes. This series has never had any conventional romances. She always takes two people who couldn't be more different from everything from looks to moral values to where and how they were raised but yet as the story progresses you see along with the characters they are perfect for each other." -Cindy, SnS Reviews


"Allison is the follow the rules, don't disrupt the status quo kind of girl.  Shane is the tatted bad boy that gets around. You know the saying.. opposites attract. This story had me crying and laughing a lot of times reading the same page. This series is a definite one click." -Jami, Goodreads Reviews


"Once again, as always another emotional deeply moving journey of two people who at first glance are polar opposites but are in fact two halves of the same whole." -Leann, Goodreads Reviewer


"Wow!! What an emotional roller coaster!! Happiness and heartbreak. Loved Shane and Allison's story and the continuation of Erin's." -Regina, Goodreads Reviewer


"One is really my favorite. Something about Shane that had my heart swoon. And maybe it's because of Allison whom is his nephew's teacher. She challenges him. I really enjoyed this book." -Lisa, Goodreads Reviewer


"Love it! This book is so much. It is well written and in such a lovely way. Allison and Shane's story broke my heart and put it back together again. Shane needs to grow up and Allison needs to live again. Total opposites attract in this book. The series has captured my attention." -Theresa, Goodreads Reviewers


"This series gets better and better. Hands down loved it.  This story is about Shane and Allison. Shane is an Alpha male. He loves to ride and can fix anything. Allison is his nephews teacher. Shane had a not so great first impression at Charlie's teachers conference. These 2 through off sparks. Loved it." -Shannon, Goodreads Reviewer


“Ruin what?”

“Us. I mean, I consider you a friend. I’ve never done something like this with a friend before.”

He had to look down when her hand softly caressed his cheek. His sideburns were long and he’d been flirting with a possible goatee. His dark, thick facial hair made it hard for him to ever keep it looking clean shaven. He often alternated from half beards, to small goatees, to long goatees.

“We’ll be fine.”

He frowned. “Don’t you consider us friends?” His heart dropped with apprehension. Didn’t she like being with him? As much as he did with her? He was almost affronted when she didn’t agree right away.

She smiled up at him. “Yes. I consider us friends.”

He scowled at her and grumbled, “This isn’t being very friendly.”

“Please, Shane, I—” she whispered, and her voice was hoarse. Her eyes were closed, and she seemed to flinch as if she were still in pain. He couldn’t stand there and watch her suffer. Not if he could help it.

“Okay, Allison, okay, shh,” he said, touching his mouth to her cheek as he mumbled. He kissed the soft skin of her neck and chin and leaned her face back so he could trail kisses and his mouth all over her.

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