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She only wants to escape her small-town life... and he simply wants her.

Ian is the Rydell brother that no one knows what he is thinking, or next going to do, especially the woman he has quietly loved for years. But now he's ready to implement the plans and dreams he has for the future of the Rydell River Ranch, and himself.
Plans which include Kailynn Hayes.

Kailynn has dreamed her entire life of escaping the small town she was born and raised in. Kailynn has no idea what Ian intends until one unexpected event changes everything between them.  

She starts to realize that maybe there is more in River’s End for her, than she ever noticed or dared to dream about.

When she’s given the chance to pursue a new and different life, she must decide if she is going to turn her back on what she's found with the most unexpected of men.

But how could she ever give up the life she's always wanted, just to go back to the one place she had been so desperate to escape?

But then again, how can she not?

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"This book is amazing I love Ian and kailynn so much ...she had a crush on his brother since they been young ...Ian had a crush on her been a while but she doesn't see him that way ... will he be able to make her see him has more then a friend ...I love these brother so much a must read ..hurry and get this book you won't regret." -Bookbub Reviewer


"You often see in reviews most people complain about the romance not being original that its just a recycled version of the same thing from book to book. Well in this series the romances are anything but typical." -Cindy, SnS Reviews


"I love this series! It's sweet and romantic! The characters are so great! I can't wait to read more about the Rydell family!" -Teri, Goodreads Reviewer


"What makes me like the book is making you feel the emotions of the character. The author certainly did make me root, almost cry and wish for Ian and the Kailynn's abandonment. Overall, a five, good book, and I recommend you to read it." -Robyn, Goodreads Reviewer


"If you like characters who are believable and not perfect, then books by Leanne Davis are what you're looking for, and this book doesn't disappoint. I'm definitely planning to read the rest of the series, especially if they continue to improve!" -Deb, Goodreads Reviewer


"Okay.. sooo I'm just gonna tell ya now to save some money.. just buy the whole damn set. I thought I'd just read the first, then I fell in love with the characters and bought the second... I should have just bought the set because I ended up buying all eight books separately. Not that they aren't worth it.. totally worth it. Buy the books! This series is amazing. Have kleenex ready because the author makes all the feels spill off the pages." -Jami, Goodreads Reviewer


"I think Ian is my type of book boyfriend. He's the strong, silent type. He's a good match for Kailynn, who is strong and not so silent."-Loralie, Goodreads Reviewer


"Escape into this book. Continuing in River's End, another amazing book. Ian and Kailynn's story is an emotional and fun read." -Tammy, Goodreads Reviewer


"This was an exceptional read I love how kailynn's comfort boundaries are pushed without Ian even knowing. The journey for these two was much awaited for me." -Andrea, Goodreads Reviewer


"Just the absolute best story. Everything I like to read about and more. Such a great story I will read again and again. A keeper!!" -Wendy, Goodreads Reviewer


Say something. Something more needed to be said, or done, or clarified. They had sex, for God’s sake! She felt like an entirely changed person and… what? She would just pass by him like it meant nothing? Like it was over? Done? Was she already back to her pathetic, boring life? “Goodbye, Ian. Thank you for everything you did for me.”

She hated sounding like a parent thanking her kid’s teacher. Next, she ought to put out her hand for a polite handshake and a formal goodbye. She could have kicked her own ass for sounding so prissy.

He watched her as she started past him and reached out at the last moment. He grabbed her hand, and dragged her towards him, taking her behind the tack door, and hiding them from their brothers who were honking the horn rather obnoxiously. He cupped her face with both his hands and held her gaze as his mouth descended on hers. With soft, almost languid pressure, his tongue barely touched her lips before he lifted his face from hers. “See you, Kailynn.”

Turning away from her, he walked towards the back of the horse trailer, his long duster billowing around his feet. She could hear him locking the trailer and her heart nearly split and fell down to her toes. When did he get so hot? So commanding? And the only man she could notice?

She turned and ran like the coward she truly was. She felt completely unsure as to where she stood with Ian Rydell.

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