It started one unexpected night that didn’t go as planned. But it ended up following her to work, home and possibly into forever…

Melanie Rydell meets a strange man that she has a strong connection with on the very night she comes home to River’s End with new ambitions for her life. A short fling is not in her plans, so she refuses to give him her name, or take his. But she can’t deny their amazing weekend and agrees to consider seeing him again.

Melanie is a successful artist who jointly works in the construction field. Reporting to work framing houses in the Rydell River Valley, she comes face to face with the man she had shared everything with that one weekend. Everything but her name.

Kyle Wade has family connections in the Rydell River Valley that were the source of his greatest trauma, shame, rejection, and pain. But now he’s working ten miles from that place. Forced to be there, he lets the short fling with the mysterious woman, help soothe the bitter taste of being back in this valley. But when the woman shows up as his employee… all thoughts and plans morph into making sure no one finds out what was between them. Even as Kyle can’t resist the unique person he finds in Melanie Rydell.

What Melanie doesn’t realize is the intense connection that her boss has to the rest of her family. It is not a small thing and something that will change everything between everyone, but most especially between them.