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Taking a wrong turn along River Road, she runs into AJ Reed, a big, muscled cowboy who seems to know horses and hard living… And works for her long-lost brother.

Kate Morgan comes to the Rydell River Ranch after finding out she has a brother she never knew about. She quickly decides that Jack’s foreman, AJ Reed, will be her hot, quick fling for the summer. In that time, no one realizes her connection to the ranch, until one explosive day when she might lose everything, she never knew she wanted, but has found in the most unexpected of places.

Cowboy, bull rider, ranch foreman, and former convict, AJ Reed had a rough start to life that led to many bad choices when he rode the rodeo circuit. Seeking a quiet life now, his full loyalty resides with Jack Rydell, who gave him a job, home, and identity, when no one else would. AJ soon realizes that the woman he just might have feelings for is his boss’s sister, and she threatens the only real place he’s ever belonged.

But then out of nowhere, a state social worker brings AJ a mixed up, sullen teenage girl, named Cami, who they claim is his daughter. Left reeling and uncertain, he turns to Kate for guidance, as she is the only person who seems to get a reaction out of the angry, rebellious teen left on his doorstep. But how can a man who’s never been accountable to anything or anyone hope to commit to not just a place, but a woman and a daughter?

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"Can I just say I am so excited that the author decided to write about AJ?! ... Meeting Kate changed his life in so many ways. I seriously fell in love with this man. He had his convictions that were set in stone until Kate. Kate jumbles up his life. She has attitude and a temper that could make a grown man cry." -Amy, Goodreads Reviewer


"City girl meets country cowboy plus a whole lot more! I love how even though this is book 4 in the series not one book is the same there is nothing repetitive each book is stand out! Yes all the books have the main stay characters but each new person introduced fits in." -Claire, Goodreads Reviewer


"I have to say this book had a little bit of everything in it. Death, sadness, love, laughs and twists that you didn't see coming." -Tammy, Goodreads Reviewer


"AJ managed to turn his life around and make a life for himself at the Rivers End Ranch. He meets his match in Kate Morgan a visiting city girl who just learned the owner is her half brother. This book has redemption, religion, romance, healing and a few surprises to keep you on the edge of your seat!" Tracy, Goodreads Reviewer


"Oh the feels! This big, strong wonderful man was alone in his own world. He has so much to give but doesn't know how. Along comes Kate to shake AJ's entire being to the core." -Theresa, Goodreads Reviewer


"Joy, love, anger, sorrow, compassion, name it. I have yet to read one of her books and not simply feel. Her characters are raw and real. Refreshing and honest. This is AJ and Kate." -Gina, Goodreads Reviewer


"I've been in love with this series since the beginning. The story is well written and the family drama that comes with it makes you feel like you really are part of the story." -Elizabeth, Goodreads Reviewer


"I loved this book! I was so glad I got to read AJ's story. This story gave me all the feels, made me laugh, cry, anger, with some twists mixed in there. I suggest you read this book." Gianna, Goodreads Reviewer


His lips moved. Lifting his big, flat, wide hand, he patted the horse’s neck, sliding his fingers along its mane. Was he comforting it? She quickly ducked below the level of the wall where he could see her and crept in closer.

“…clueless city jerks. They can’t help it if they pull the reins too hard, or confuse you with their lack of instructions. We have to forgive their ignorance. I’ll get you a special treat later for your ordeal, ‘kay?”

Kate was close enough to catch the end of the conversation. She forgot to be stealthy in her shock at seeing a grown man kissing and soothing a horse. Right out in the open. And not some wimpy, well-groomed, little bespectacled office worker, but a rough-and-tumble, sweaty, dirty cowboy. He wore a shirt today, and it clung to the wet parts of his back from sweat. Dust covered his bare arms and his jeans hugged his ass. She followed his lean legs down to his boots. She was sure they were the same pair he wore yesterday. They had a hole in the right knee, on the left thigh, and on the right butt cheek.

“Do you think all city people are jerks? Or just the ones paying to stay here?”

The cowboy’s back jerked upright, and he spun around. His reflexes were quick and impressive. His hat was again pulled down low as he scanned the line of the wall until his eyes landed on her, mid chest. She leaned forward, resting her elbows and forearms on the fence. “Sorry?” he asked when his gaze met hers.

“The conversation you were having with the horse? I was wondering if you considered all of us ignorant jerks, or are there some tolerable ones?”

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