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One day he met a girl.
Nothing unusual about that. Except he met her nearly at the top of a mountain.
She's a mysterious woman, all alone in the mountains with her two horses and a dog, and she adamantly refuses to tell him any identifying facts about herself.
Including her name.
No matter how long he knows her.
Gage Sullivan plans to spend the month of August in the mountains in order to rebuild a hiking trail for the US Forest Service. Gage is instantly intrigued by the woman who calls herself, "V". After spending weeks together, Gage suspects he knows her better than anyone.
By summer's end she still refuses, despite the connection they forged, to reveal anything real about herself. He leaves her alone in the mountains with her grief and secrets, and goes back to being a father and caring for his daughter.
Until he sees her again, out of the mountains and by then, he knows exactly who she is... Violet Rydell.
Violet lost her fiancé in a tragic accident two years ago. She cannot accept his death, which keeps her in a frozen state of grief and hurt. Hiding quite literally in the mountains is her way of handling the anniversary of her trauma.
By chance she met Gage, but by choice she can't stay away from him... but can the fantastic connection they established in the mountains survive and continue in their real lives?



“This series just keeps getting better and better. I have loved it from the very beginning and my admiration for the author continues to grow. This story hots on all the emotions, with plenty of drama and action on the no way to a very satisfying ending.” –Marti, Goodreads Reviewer


“This book takes you on a roller coaster of emotion. At first so much sadness and then it bounces around and its one you wont want to put down. Her books are always great and how she comes up with all this different stories but I'm glad she does.” – Tammi, Goodreads Reviewer


“Leanne Davis has once again managed to write a book with characters that feel so real you might actually think this story is based on real life events and people. If you have read the previous River's End books, then this one is a must read.” --Deb, Goodreads Reviewer


“These two have fire and passion especially when they talk to each other. Neither want to back down. It was a great way to end the series and see Violet transform and heal. It was a great book!” – Amy, Bookbub Reviewer


“Another fantastic book from one of my favorite authors! Gage and Violet's story was completely amazing and will be on I'll read again!” – Lori, Bookbub Reviewer


“Who the fuck are you?”

Gage was squatting beside the small pile of metal scraps, having moved a few just to gawk at them. Turning slowly, he simultaneously rose to his feet, catching a glimpse of a woman moving behind the tent. A second later, she appeared at the side of it.

She carried two round stumps of wood. She dumped the large, heavy stumps at her feet, beside the campfire where some other rounds already were. An axe was propped against one of the log posts.

He blinked in disbelief. Had he been transported to an old western?

The woman… (or was she a girl?) was maybe in her twenties. No visible lines around her eyes indicated her youth. She wore a cowboy hat that she’d pulled low over her forehead, jeans, a shirt that she’d tucked in and a wide belt. He noticed a pistol slung on her left hip. She hadn’t drawn it yet, but only rested her hand on the grip. Clearing his throat, he raised his hands to let her see he came there peacefully. Had he ever done such a thing before? No. Nope. No way. But crap. Was that a Glock sitting in her holster? He squinted. Yes. That could do some serious damage to any black bear in the area, never mind what it could do to him.

She was slim, but stout with wide shoulders and muscular arms. Her brown hair was pulled back in a low ponytail.

“I’m sorry. I was hiking and happened upon your camp. I called out when I arrived but there was no answer. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

She snorted. “No reason I’d be scared. But…”

Maybe Gage should have been? That was the distinct message he received from her tilted head, raised eyebrows and unsmiling mouth.

Keeping eye contact with her was difficult and he had to break it to make sure he didn’t step into the tiny stream. Once he was across it, he stayed on the far side of the campfire to give her plenty of space and not crowd her.

“Not many people could find this campsite.”

“No. I was sure I would startle whoever might be here. I saw the fire from up above when I was taking in the view. Thought I’d best check it out…”

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