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She has a terrible secret she’s hiding. A secret no one will ever be ready for. A secret that will change everything, for everyone... forever.

Iris Rydell has her dream job working at Rydell Rides. Her life and future are exactly as she wants them. She’s tough, respected by her co-workers, accepted by her family, and adores being a mechanic. There’s nothing she’s searching for. Until Quinn Larkin, billionaire and city-transplant, shows up in River’s End with his broken-down car that Iris starts to fix. Quinn is immediately intrigued by Iris. She grabs his attention when nothing and no one else does.

Bored out of his mind by his job, his friends, his staff and his money… she’s the first person that’s held his attention for more than a conversation. It’s going to be a quick, fun weekend. They both get this. They both count on that. The problem is… no one’s ever not wanted Quinn before. And for the first time ever… he wants someone and something for far more than a weekend. He has to convince Iris that she wants them to be an “us.” And there is no greater challenge in Quinn’s life than that.

And for a while he succeeds. But when something changes with Iris, no one can figure out what it is. Including Quinn. But the darkness enveloping her is inescapable, and impossible to put words to. Her actions try to convey what happened, but it will take the love of those around her to finally put voice to the un-shareable…



“This book will have you feeling so many things - sad, mad, angry, glad, happy, First I should say this was the first book I've read in this series…  I love how this author always touches on a subject and brings it to life and how her characters deal with said event. Another great book by Ms. Davis.” Susan, Goodreads Reviewer


“Tear jerker… This was a great but hard read for me. The title is so fitting for the story. This story was heavy with emotions. I cried, laughed and repeated throughout the book but I loved the way it ended.” – Kimberly, Goodreads Reviewer


“This book touches on delicate situations that handled with so much care. Yes there's acting out and hurting from the aftermath but it's handled in a way you'd expect it to be. I cried so much in this book and fell in love with both Iris and Quinn.” – Amy,  Goodreads Reviewer


“Ms. Davis has the most amazing ability to hit all the hard subjects, make you question your own reality, and yet bring light and happiness into her world and for her characters. Nothing is sacred, nothing is just is, as real life is… Again, it was a pleasure to read this book and continue to visit with previous characters and meet up with the newer generations of Rydells. Here's to many more!” --Nicole, Goodreads Reviewer


“Leanne Davis is a new to me author, and HOLY HELL! I was certainly missing out for real. River in Darkness is the story of Iris, a very strong, independent woman who marches to beat of her own drummer, and Quinn, her polar opposite… This is when the angst factor takes off to next levels, and my heart hurt big time. I can't tell you what happened, but it did start derailing Iris & Quinn. Now, if you want to know what happened, and if they were able to get past it together, you'll have to one click! HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!” Jennifer, Goodreads Reviewer


“Leanne Davis is my all time favorite author. I love her very raw, very real style of telling stories. Quinn and Iris - their backgrounds and everything about them was different. They cannot be more poles apart… I am in awe of Leanne for writing about things that are real and often brushed aside amid a torrent of other seemingly weighty things.” – Sreelatha, Goodreads, Reviewer




“But I don’t want to diminish you, Quinn. If people talk, they will demand to know what you’re doing with me. It will—”

“Possibly improve my damn reputation. I have a lousy one at present. You know that… and all the carousing and womanizing I used to do. Since I met you? I never knew anyone like you in my past. There was also no compassion or empathy from me in my past. So maybe that’s what these assholes will notice.”

He spun her as the song’s crescendo climbed. She smiled and shook her head and her big, blue eyes were huge.

He brought her closer and whispered into her ear, “I will always love you, Iris, but unlike this song, it won’t be from afar. I want to be right beside you. Now and forever.”

The song ended and “Jolene” started. Iris could only smile as tears fell from her eyes.

“Why the tears?”

“Because it’s my second favorite song and who remembers that?”

“Someone who cares about every small detail you mention to him.” He rubbed his finger down the side of her face.

They kept swaying until others joined them, including Iris’s parents. He received a huge grin from both of them and was pretty sure he finally scored some points with them. Especially, it seemed, with Allison. Quinn understood why; Shane still wasn’t sold on him. But accepting his daughter’s choice in unusual formal wear for a woman, Quinn hoped it would go a long way toward proving that his intentions with Iris were honorable.

He leaned down and kissed her cheek. “You haven’t answered me.”

“Answered you?” she blinked. “About what?”

“I told you I love you. Not just up there but everywhere we go. I did that for no one else. It was all for you. And me.”

She swallowed. Her gaze dropped before her eyes lifted to his. Wow, were they gorgeous? She never wore makeup but this was dark and dramatic. “I’m here, aren’t I?”

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