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I’m pretty sure I’m adopted, no matter how many times my parents claim otherwise. My sisters are smart, successful and athletic. Me? Not so much. I can’t concentrate; and I can’t perform well in school or on a job. I’m pretty sure I’m not even all that smart. I really don’t know exactly what is wrong with me, but something definitely is. Everything is unsettled inside my head while all my sisters seem to have everything all figured out.

I’m pretty sure I’m the black sheep of the family.

Seth Gifford, on the other hand, is quiet and bookish, the complete opposite of me. The son of my mom’s best friend, he is staying with us while attending college here. That means he lives with me. He’s well liked by everyone except me. Trapped in close proximity, I start to see him in a new light and eventually begin to care about what he thinks of my crazy ways. Until then, however, no one’s opinion can influence me. Maybe, just maybe, I finally want to impress someone. But now I can only wonder how to make him see me. I’ve always suspected the tragedy of my life is: there really isn’t anything of value inside me.

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 “This was my favorite so far! I loved how we saw Melissa grow and begin to understand the reasons behind her actions.” –C.L., Goodreads Reviewer


“I love all of Daughters Series but I really loved getting to know Melissa. I loved seeing her side of things and finally beginning to understand her. If you haven't read every Leanne Davis book DO IT!!! You'll thank me later ;)” –Rosalee, Goodreads Reviewer




“Because I’m crazy, Seth. I do crazy, irrational, insane, impulsive things. Didn’t you get the gist of that from the conversation in there? Or from seeing me on the tower?”

My breath catches when I happen to glance up, trying to punctuate my point with a scowl and I find him staring right at me. His hazel eyes are really beautiful behind the frames of his dark glasses. They pierce my soul. He reaches forward, touching my chin, rubbing his fingers along my jaw and he slowly, as if he is testing it out first, cups the side of my face. “You’re more than that.”

I’m caught by his intent gaze. He’s looking right into my eyes. My tongue grows thick and sloppy. It feels natural for me to deny it, but instead, I just stare at him. I’m nearly shocked. He seems so convincing. Why? Why would he possibly think that? He witnessed my erratic behavior. He doesn’t like the way I flit around to different subjects whenever we talk. Or how I have a hard time just focusing on things that don’t fully interest me. I know I annoy the shit out of him. I’m well aware of that. But now? He’s staring at me so differently. As if… I’m some kind of rare, beautiful creature he’s never seen until now.

I gasp. I’ve never had this kind of reaction from anyone before, let alone a guy. I’m all breathless and my blood is racing. Am I blushing? I feel almost virginal as my stomach flops around as if… I’m nervous? No, not me. I don’t get it. His hands are warm, his fingers long and slender, and his touch is so soft and gentle. I want to curl up into his chest and feel safe, cared for… and normal.

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