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I have things I want to do in the future that don’t begin and end in Ellensburg, Washington where I was born, raised, and doomed to live out the rest of my life. My whole existence is already set and planned, right up until the exact moment when I’m to walk down the aisle. But I run. I flee and hide in a car, which is how I first meet Ramiro Vasquez. Now he’s the only one I’m willing to trust and be honest with.

Having just graduated from college with a journalism major, I know how to tell other people’s stories, but the one I want to tell most of all is my mother’s. With nothing to go on and even less information, the more I inquire about it, the less she’s willing to share. My parents would lock me in my room if they suspected what I really want to do. Which is why I’ve never done it. And also why I almost abandoned my dreams by marrying the wrong man.

Perhaps now, my family’s wishes will no longer stop me. I am beginning to understand some of Ramiro’s secrets, which bind his family to mine. But the greatest, harshest lesson of my life might still be ahead of me when I realize that sometimes, the past is never really dead. Now and then, the past can manage to destroy you and the ones you love the most. No matter how much you try to stop or avoid it, and don’t mean to hurt anyone, sometimes, nothing can undo the damage after it’s already been unwittingly unleashed.

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“I have read all of them and believe me when I say this is a series you really should read. Leanne Davis is a phenomenal writer. She’ll make you happy, she’ll make you laugh, she’ll make you mad and she’ll make you cry. There are so many levels in each of her books. You can’t just read one. The Daughter’s series, and particularly Emily, was amazing.” –Tracy, Goodreads Reviewer


“Both Emily and Ramiro beliefs in many matters are completely changed by the end of the book. Fate and destiny play a huge role in their relationship. Theirs was a sweet love story beating what could have been insurmountable odd against them.” –Cindy, SnS Reviews


“Seriously.. if you have never read a Leanne Davis book - please, for the love of ALL MAN KIND, start with The Other Sister. There is no going back after reading it and you wouldn't want to. The first time I read The Other Sister was in 2014 and since then I have read it 6x. And now, after reading Jessie's ending epilogue in Emily's book - I want to go back and read it all over again just to recapture and have the young strong Will again and the Jessie that needed him and had so much to learn. Best Series... Beyond a 5 star review for this whole series and the Sisters series.” –HochiB, Goodreads Reviewer


“Loved this one. Emily’s story was my favorite of the Daughters series. It was real, and moving. A great follow up on lots of the characters I loved from both the Daughters and Sister series.” –Aimee, Goodreads Reviewer



“No. I get it. He’s worried about your safety. Not sure why he’d trust me with it, however.”

“Because you defended me tonight.” I glance down, almost embarrassed now by the intensity of his gaze. “You protected me. That means something to my dad.”

“And to you? Does it mean anything to you?”

I suck in a breath, wondering how to reply. I hold his gaze, swallowing hard. I feel almost flushed by the intensity of what he says. Caving, I drop my gaze.

His hand is on the counter, close to mine. I feel his pinkie finger touching the side of my hand. My entire body tenses and reacts to his little finger. It’s crazy. He’s doing almost nothing but I suddenly flush and my stomach tightens. It seems like so much more. So, so, so much more. I can’t get a grip. I’m blushing and too embarrassed to glance up at him. “Yes. I’m glad you were there and here, too.”

My pinkie moves and hooks onto his. It’s so juvenile. And innocuous. Then I straighten up and try to get a grip and act my age. We sit down to tacos and refried beans. I feel Ramiro’s gaze on me when I realize what my mom is slicing the lettuce up for. His mouth curls up. It’s kind of funny, considering. Ramiro sees the irony and it makes him laugh too. I like that about him. I like the way we can stare across a table and communicate with only our eyes. Simple, ordinary interactions with Ramiro are usually tinged with teasing and fun. He makes my stomach ache from laughter sometimes and I roar at all the jokes. There is a crazy connection between us.

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