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I fell in love with Ireena Monroe, and then she fell in love with my identical twin brother. It ripped us apart, and we haven’t spoken since.
My childhood friend, Claudia Tamasy, is the only one who fully understands what’s happened to me, and unfortunately, she also is the only one to witness my reaction to it all. Her dad opens a branch of his business near Silver Springs and we end up working there together. Friends, co-workers… lovers? No, we can’t be. It’s too odd and weird and it would ruin the honesty we share in every other way. The last thing that will ever distract me is a relationship. Fool me once… well, I watched the girl I loved marry my brother. No, hell no, will I ever be fooled again.
Until my brother calls me with devastating news about Ireena and Claudia tries to make me see I have to go help him. But how can I forgive him? And what can I do as Claudia is the only one who can help me get through this?
But by then… what if I’ve already ruined everything?

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“Wow, just wow!! This book has all the things you want in a book! Heartbreak, betrayal, and a love so strong it'll crush you!.... But don't count them out yet,, these two are meant for each other, two halves of one soul! After soul searching, and changing his ways, Devon finally gets himself together, and gets his woman!! I can't wait to Read the next book!!!” –Natalie, Bookbub Reviewer


“this author has never disappointed me, I read it even though I hadn't read the first two in the Sons series. Thing I like about Ms. Davis's books is that even as each story is part of a series, the stories are strong enough to read as a standalone. I will more than likely go back and read the first two, however, because I enjoy following the interwoven stories of the books in their series. Many of the characters are met in other stories in her library of crazy good books.” –Carol, Bookbub Reviewer


“This was about letting go and discovering someone has your back no matter the cost. This friends-to-lovers had its share of heartbreak and heartache. Betrayal isn't easy coming from those you love most. It shows in this case that time can start to heal wounds, but sometimes life trumps hurt.”—Bookbub Reviewer


“Just another reason that Leanne Davis is one of my favorite one-click authors. I've loved her since the Sister Series, I've read every thing she's written, and she keeps getting better.
I love the Son Series...Getting to know Devon, understanding him, rooting for him and watching him mature was a beautiful thing. You never know which way she'll go, but I guarantee it's an emotional journey worth traveling.
I can't wait for the next, and the next, and the next…” – Gina, Goodreads Reviewer



I lean forward and dangle my hand off my knee. I barely move my wrist and my fingertips graze her knee. We are hooked on each other. No smiles now. No tears. No one else. This strange intensity and look we share is only between us. I shake my head a smidgeon. “I did it all wrong.”


“Us. I did us all wrong.”

She sucks in a breath of air. “You always do. As long as I’ve known you.”

I smile and snort. “So I do. I can’t do it right, and you know that.”


“Does that mean you forgive me?”

I barely swipe my fingers over her jean-clad knee. It’s so innocuous, we could be two strangers on a bus touching another, but the power of that contact is as deep and strong and connected as if we were making love. We have that much of a connection. Something makes my skin tremble everywhere, as if a soft breath is being blown over my bare skin. We are so synchronized but barely touching. Our souls, our hearts, and our emotions are linked and woven together. Everything that gives me my identity is reflected in all that makes her Claudia. How the hell did I fail to see that?

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