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All this rock star ever wanted was the fame that had escaped him for so long... until he meets a woman who redefines everything he believes about success...

Rob Williams used to be the lead singer of his band, Zenith, before his alcoholism destroyed his career, his marriage and his life. Now, writer, Rebecca Randall wants to chronicle his recovery and, in the process, establish herself as a successful author.

What this mother of three young girls doesn’t realize is how well the tattooed, former rocker, Rob fits into her small town, country life. That is until Rebecca’s estranged husband comes home and wants to rebuild their relationship. As Rob leaves and attempts to make his dreams of Zenith come true, Rebecca’s life falls into a depression that nothing, short of divorce, will end.

But how can Rob, now lead singer of Zenith, ever return to Rebecca’s ordinary life?

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“WOW!! This is more close to home for me...Rob and Rebecca! The bad boy who falls for the girl with baggage and ready made family. Emotional, loving, and heartfelt. It only takes one person to reveal the true person inside. This was the best of the trilogy! I laughed and cried. This story is that freaking good. :) Just amazing!” –Rebecca, Goodreads Reviewer


“I loved this book!! This trilogy has got better and better and this one was by far my favorite. I ugly cried, I laughed and I held my breath in anticipation as I followed Rebecca and Rob navigating their way to their happy ever after.” –Mrs. K, Goodreads Reviewer


“I am happy with how everyone’s story was resolved but I’m sad it all had to come to an end. Looking forward to whatever is next from this talented author.” –Cindy, SnS Reviews


 “I like the characters complexities and ambivalence. I love not having to make myself engage in a story. Look forward to more from Leanne Davis! She nails the emotions of each character so you can really feel it with them. Addicted.” –Sandra, Goodreads Reviewer


“Wonderful trilogy. The Zenith Trilogy is great reading. It is full of turns and changes keeping the reader wanting to read more and more. I thoroughly enjoyed each one.” –Margaret, Goodreads Reviewer



“This was a very emotional read for me to watch Rob and Rebecca's journey to their happily ever after. Well worth my five stars. This book has caused me equal bouts of ugly crying and laughter. The whole trilogy has been a great experience.” –Kitty, Goodreads Reviewer


“WOW!!! Just WOW!!! I honestly didn't think this series could get any better but it did!!! Leanne Davis is absolutely the most amazing author!!! I loved Rob's story and definitely could not get enough or put this down!!! Rebecca slowly pulls Rob out of his misery and makes him see that he could be amazing!!! The only thing I can think of to say is ugh why does it have to end???? I want more lol!!! Book Hangover!!!” –Angela, Goodreads Reviewer


“God, that was an amazing book and finale!!! Wonderful fully developed characters with a storyline that at once breaks your heart and reaffirms your faith in unconditional, selfless love and true friendship!!” –Nicole, Goodreads Reviewer






He leaned down and ground the cigarette into the coffee jar she set there and rolled his shoulders as if they were stiff. He was so not what she was used to. The scary tattoos, the shaggy hair, the deep, dark stubble that always covered his face. He was dark and edgy, and in the black of the night, he seemed to belong. Yet he was so nice to her, and to her kids. She didn’t know what could have changed, or what made her notice him, not just as Rob Williams, but suddenly so much more.

He pushed off from the railing, obviously ready to leave. “I gotta go.”

“Friend waiting for you again?”

He stopped dead,  then turned and smiled at her, a cocky, sexy smile. Her heart skipped a beat. Did that happen anytime to her in the last decade? “Something like that.”

“Do you have a lot of friends?”

He stared at her, catching her gaze and holding it. “Nah. I never could enjoy a lot of friends at once.”

She stopped breathing as he broke eye contact and started to step away. She jumped up towards him, moved by something that kept drawing her nearer him. She put her hand out on his arm, right above his elbow, over the thick swirl of tattoos. His skin felt warm and silky to her fingers.

He stopped dead at her touch and turned slowly. His eyes reflected the lights shining from her living room. She pressed her lips together, and tried to think of something mundane and trivial to say. Thanks for coming. Thanks for staying for dinner. Something. But nothing came out of her mouth.

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