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Something happened last year that changes how I approach my life. I told no one about it. It’s affected all of my relationships and ended the one with the girl I thought I’d be with forever. I’m a hero at college and one of the top quarterbacks at the university level, and I have the popularity to show for it. Still, none of it feels deserved after what I failed to do last year. I’m riddled by guilt and confusion over what happened, but worse is my reaction to it.

Jacey Walker has her own tales of horror that come to light after she finds refuge with my parents in Silver Springs. She’s caught my eye and interest. She has an awakening curiosity about a new and brighter future than she’s ever imagined, which has me reevaluating and appreciating my own until I realize who has caught her attention. Now I have to face my own history or risk Jacey paying the consequences.

But then Jacey's past brings forces upon us all that might change everything forever.

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“Another amazing book, which I expect now from this author! Brilliant writing and the characters draw you in from the very first chapter... cannot say how much I recommend this whole series! This is Wyatt & Jaceys story, and I can tell you, you won’t be disappointed :)” -- Tracy, Goodreads Reviewer
“While they both must conquer past fears before they can move on, for me, it’s Jacey who helps herself and Wyatt. She may not have the academics, but she has more common sense and wisdom than a roomful of people. Once she realizes her own power, there’s no stopping her. Wyatt is another strong offering from this author as book 2 in the Son Series, with well-developed characters willing to put the happiness of others first even if it means risking their hearts.” – Felicty, Goodreads Reviwer
“A well written perfectly paced story pulling you in from the start. This one about Wyatt and what he has gone through and how he deals with his college status. Also how Jacey comes into the picture of having to deal with a very ruff life. As book two it carries on what Wesley is doing and how he is moving on and I cannot wait to read the next book written by Ms. Davis.” – Pauline, BookBub Reviewer
“This book is amazing! Both Wyatt and Jacey have deep seeded issues that have caused scars for them. It was an emotional and inspirational read. I really liked the almost child like excitement that Jacey had for almost everything she experienced. It was a reminder to be thankful for everything you have and not to squander your opportunities.” –Bookbub Reviwer

To my surprise, he steps forward and approaches me. Ignoring the crowd and all the calls from his teammates and oh, who is that—a cheerleader? His family is still speaking to him, and yet he walks towards me. Then he’s right in front of me, staring down at my face. We are separated in height by maybe three inches or less, so we’re eye-to-eye when the entire crowd on the loud field virtually disappears.
“So, Jacey Walker, what did you think of your first football game?”
My small smile wavers, and I get shy. Me. I never suffered from shyness. Never until this moment. Feeling hot and flustered, instead of hot, sexy, and brilliant like I’d prefer, I mumble, “It’s confusing.” I can’t believe how stupid that sounds.
“Confusing? How exactly do you mean?” His lips quirk upwards.
“Well, why do you run forward and back, in between all the lines and call out terms like sack and punt and first down? And why do you go off and then come back on the field? And why do you go off to the side sometimes?”
He throws his head back, his teeth flashing as he grins. “Dear God, you don’t have a clue about the sport.”
I shake my head, looking at my feet in the grass. “Nada. Nothing.” Then I whip my head back up suddenly and add, “But you were amazing. The crowds chants your name a lot. I mean, all the time.”
He flashes another killer smile. How did I miss those? But when I think about my time with him, as short as it might have been, I don’t recall seeing him smile very often. Certainly nothing like this. His celebrity affects him, his confidence, and his ego. Sure. All sexy smiles now. “Yeah, I hear my name a lot. What about you? Did you cheer for me?”
“Only after I caught on that I should have been.”
He leans towards me and whispers into my ear, “No kisses for the top scorer?” His voice is soft and sultry, so my stupid mouth pops open.

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