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Zenith is supposed to be a rock band. But... they let alcohol and addiction derail what little success they started with. 


The fall out of their destruction starts to catch up with them and those in their lives. 

Start the journey from devastation... to fulfillment... it's quite a journey.

So much was lost, but so much more was gained.

And all that is just the start of the rest of the stories!

Zenith Falling Book Cover


The Zenith Series Book One

He’s a self-made billionaire.

She’s married to a wannabe rock star.

They’re the last two people who should be together.

They’re the only one each other want.

Nick Lassiter is a powerful business magnate who has no room in his life for anyone or anything, but especially the sad, scared, mixed up girl that he finds in Joelle Williams. He’s her friend, her boss and once-in-a-while savior. And that’s all he is because she’s married to the lead singer of the rock band, Zenith.

But because of Zenith, Joelle’s life is spiraling out of control into dark places she can’t escape. Until one fateful night, when her entire life implodes… and Nick is the only person she has to run to. Joelle soon sees only one thing clearly: Nick Lassiter has become so much more than just a friend who can save her. He has become her only chance to survive, to heal, to change.

To love.

Zenith Rising Book Cover


The Zenith Series Book Two

Dr. Erica Heathersby is the last person Spencer Mattox, ex-band member of Zenith, should ever be attracted to. When Erica offers Spencer a job, he resents her for it, because she is successful in her career, her life, and as a person, in ways Spencer believes he can never be.

But Erica soon finds her medical practice the target of political debate, and herself the target of someone's violent desires. Erica turns to Spencer for protection, which develops into a relationship that neither of them is prepared for. Erica knows that in order to keep Spencer from destroying what they have built together; she has to overcome the devastating past he tries to hide. But then again, none of it will matter, if Erica doesn't survive what is fast becoming someone’s deadly intention towards her.

Zenith Fulfilled Book Cover


The Zenith Series Book Three

Rob Williams used to be the lead singer of his band, Zenith, before his alcoholism destroyed his career, his marriage and his life. Now, writer, Rebecca Randall wants to chronicle his recovery and in the process, establish herself as a successful author. What this mother of three young girls doesn’t realize is how well the tattooed, former rocker, Rob fits into her small town, country life. That is until Rebecca’s estranged husband comes home and wants to rebuild their relationship. As Rob leaves and attempts to make his dreams of Zenith come true, Rebecca’s life falls into a depression that nothing, short of divorce, will end. But how can Rob, now lead singer of Zenith, ever return to Rebecca’s ordinary life?

Zenith's Legacy Book Cover


The Zenith Series Book Four

Being the daughter of a rock star kind of sucks.

Kathy Randall has worked very hard to keep her stepdad’s rock band, Zenith and the clinging fans out of her daily existence. She finally has her life exactly on track and how she wants it; she works in music on her own terms and is engaged to the pastor of the church she works at.

When Eric James took the security job for Rob Williams, the lead singer of his favorite band, Zenith, Eric hoped to become Rob’s bodyguard. But unfortunately, his assignment is to guard Rob’s stepdaughter. The shy, quiet, awkward, middle daughter, who works in a church, and whom he met under the strangest circumstances. 

Eric both infuriates and intrigues her. Their relationship allows her to be uncharacteristically argumentative, opinionated, and surprising to Kathy, honest. But before she can figure out what it is happening between them, the legacy that only Zenith could bring into their lives shatters them in a way nobody predicted, except maybe, the one person it almost destroys…

Zenith in Love Book Cover


The Zenith Series Book Five


He had it and lost it. Okay, in all honesty he couldn’t lose what he never truly had. In the wake of a tragedy, he lets his fiancée go, only to find her sister, Kayla Randall on his doorstep the very same night. She claims to be checking on his well-being. After all, he got dumped and dodged a bullet only hours earlier. Kayla is the sister he constantly argued with, disapproved of, and generally disliked.

Pastor Jim Zavarian is sanctimonious, pious, and self-righteous. He is all but downright rude to Kayla, yet he can be motivating, supportive, and a true inspiration to everyone else. When he changes the dynamic between them, she is utterly perplexed but also… attracted.

To Jim!

Her realization is both horrifying and exhilarating. Kayla decides to get to know him better and soon learns he is far from the man she always assumed him to be. However, Kayla is still unaware of all the secrets Jim keeps from everyone: his congregation, her sister, her family and her. She decides to find out why, and in doing so, she gets a glimpse of Jim’s profound past…But what does it mean for her?


The Zenith Series Book Six

One day, everyone will know his name.

Xavier Montgomery knew exactly how to become rich and famous. His voice. But how many wannabe singers could there be, all competing for the same break? Rob Williams, the front man of the eminent rock band, Zenith is the ideal vehicle for Xavier’s plans.

And all he has to do is befriend Rob’s daughter, Karlee.

There is nothing special about being the daughter of a famous rock star. In Karlee Randall’s opinion, it is neither exciting nor illicit, but all kinds of ordinary. The lifestyle doesn’t affect her much, aside from the unnecessary headache of strangers always trying to use her to meet her stepdad. Few can get past her invisible wall. She erected it long ago for protection and mental serenity.

When a teacher at her college randomly assigns Xavier Montgomery as her partner for a school project, Karlee finds it refreshing to meet someone without any underlying motives. In working closely together, they become fast friends. Then she discovers Xavier can sing too; so it’s only natural that she tell her dad. The ensuing mentorship brings Karlee and Xavier closer than she’s ever been to anyone.

Until he finds the fame that his voice deserves… and the consequences of that might cost them both everything.


The Zenith Series Book Seven

Having been warned for her entire life to stay away from the fickle lifestyle of musicians, Jody Lassiter must hide her interest in Ross Karahan from her family. He is a musician temporarily in town, and being sponsored by the organization, Zenith’s Promise, which Jody works for as the coordinating liaison. She becomes intrigued by the quiet, broody drummer, who seems as down on his luck as he is on life.
Ross has no burning ambitions for success or anything, really. He plays the music he loves, but unfortunately, it can’t feed or shelter him. Needing both, he responds to an ad in the Seattle area, offering an internship for a local band. To both his pleasure and annoyance, he wins the spot and subsequently meets the liaison for the program. She turns out to be a local business tycoon’s rich, spoiled, diva-daughter and Ross instantly dismisses her as a symbol of everything he does not want in his life.
It is easy to manipulate people when they are enamored of you. Ross understands that and uses it to his advantage. Usually.
But nobody treats Jody with anything less than respect and care… and she soon rejects every one of his vices. She won’t accept anything less than his best from him or how she’s treated. Something Ross is not used to giving or receiving.
But life has taught him that everything ends. Nothing works out. So when it once again doesn’t… he leaves. Without a word. No reason to discuss it. Until Ross realizes that the combined effects of his latest endeavor are much deeper than he expected. There is no one in the world for him, except all those he left behind.
When he needs them the most… how can he dare come back?

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