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They found forever.
Now what?
How do you live in the ordinary when everything about you has been extraordinary?

The five years between when Jessie and Will first get back together and when they have their daughter are unforgettable years that travel from one side of the country to the next, and deal with the issues that have for so long kept them separated. Their journey to get together has been anything but easy, but now they finally have the time and freedom to build a full and complete life together.

The way they started, the life they lead in between, and the life they end up with, is a journey that tests the love they have found, and defines the love they are destined to share forever.

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“Oh. Happy. Tears!!!
5 beautiful,perfect stars!
I can't stand typing on my kindle so I will review Monday when I can use pc at work.
I'm freakishly happy over the ending!!!” --Dusti, Goodreads Reviewer
“5 STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
“The Years Between starts where The Other Sister leaves off and showcases the budding, fledgling relationship and unwavering love between Will and Jessie.
The Other Sister was a very emotional read for me but in the end, the journey I took with Will and Jessie was incredible and unforgettable….”
“The growth, the change, the love, the communication, the understanding - all just make this book so much more and another wonderful experience.” --Amber, A Beautiful Book Blog
“Wow! It does not get better than this! I have just finished reading Will and Jessie's story and find myself bursting with emotion. I loved them both in The Other Sister and to read of their struggles in depth was wonderful. “ --Susan, Goodreads Reviewer
“What an amazing followup to The Other Sister - Will and Jessie's story. The obstacles and heartbreak that these two must face are almost unsurmountable, yet somehow, they manage to always find each other, even in the darkest times. Great uplifting story!!” --Nicole, Bookbub Reviewer
“Their story is so worth reading. In reading this, there was a statement I had to highlight and bookmark to share that summed up thoughts along the way in their fight for their love and survival. "How could a love born in hell survive the rigors and drain of real life?" Simply love. And read their story to find out how.” --Carol, Bookbub Reviewer
“This book was absolutely amazing. It had so many emotions going on that it kept you hooked until the very end leaving it hard to start another book after you finished and made you want to re read it just to enjoy it a second time.” --Monica, Bookbub Reviewer
Holding her closer, he gently crooned in her ear. Shh… Shh, baby. I’m okay. You’re okay. It’s okay. Everything is finally okay.
Perhaps that was why she was crying. She had never pictured the moment when she and Will would really be okay.
He finally let her slide down his body to stand on her own feet. He took her face in his hands and looked into her eyes. The pads of his big thumbs gently rubbed her eyes, taking the smeared makeup off. He had such a tender, sweet smile, her heart felt like it could’ve fallen out of her chest. It swelled with emotions. He opened his mouth and she waited for him to tell her he loved her. He was home. They were going to be ordinary now. Instead, he grinned suddenly and said, “Hey, Jessie.”
She expected something… more profound. Not Hey, Jessie. A laughed escaped her despite her streaming tears.
“Hey, Will.”
He appeared cocky, boyish, and happy. “Did you get all dressed up for me?”
She smiled and felt foolishly happy. “No, for my other husband, who’s inbound from Hell.”
He grinned even wider. “I think the airport scene is almost as good as surprising you at home.”

Trigger Warnings:

Sexual Assault Flashbacks
Graphic sex
Explicit language
Mental Illness

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