Continue the saga with the sons of Tara and Chloe... 


The Son Series Book One

Yeah, I don’t trust them.
Who are they? The family who takes me in after they catch me making a rare mistake. They offer me a deal that allows me to make amends while staying with them and working. I’ve never had a permanent home and I’d long since run away from the foster care system after my last “home” had someone using my back for a cigarette tray. My means of supporting myself? Whatever necessary. That includes anything and everything I needed to do to survive. That’s all my life has been about anyway: survival. And you know what? I’ve done just that. Survived. And thrived while doing so.
Then this strange family decides to rescue me. Though not for a moment do I need rescuing. I’ve made my life something interesting and important while remaining independent. I’m neither homeless, nor a criminal. I’ll do my penance in this small town of Silver Springs, but nothing will make me lose sight of the life waiting for me on the road.
I don’t trust their motives for a second and I’m ready at any moment for it to go wrong. Nothing is going to make me believe in them. Even as I meet Dani Dawson, who is a waitress in the café where I work and is dating the son of the family I’m staying with. She tries to show me a softer side to life. Still, I know that nothing lasts: not food, shelter, parents, friends, brothers, families, and certainly not love. 

Wesley Book Cover


The Son Series Book Two

Something happened last year that changes how I approach my life. I told no one about it. It’s affected all of my relationships and ended the one with the girl I thought I’d be with forever. I’m a hero at college and one of the top quarterbacks at the university level, and I have the popularity to show for it. Still, none of it feels deserved after what I failed to do last year. I’m riddled by guilt and confusion over what happened, but worse is my reaction to it.

Jacey Walker has her own tales of horror that come to light after she finds refuge with my parents in Silver Springs. She’s caught my eye and interest. She has an awakening curiosity about a new and brighter future than she’s ever imagined, which has me reevaluating and appreciating my own until I realize who has caught her attention. Now I have to face my own history or risk Jacey paying the consequences.

But then Jacey's past brings forces upon us all that might change everything forever.

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The Son Series Book Three

I fell in love with Ireena Monroe, and then she fell in love with my identical twin brother. It ripped us apart, and we haven’t spoken since.
My childhood friend, Claudia Tamasy, is the only one who fully understands what’s happened to me, and unfortunately, she also is the only one to witness my reaction to it all. Her dad opens a branch of his business near Silver Springs and we end up working there together. Friends, co-workers… lovers? No, we can’t be. It’s too odd and weird and it would ruin the honesty we share in every other way. The last thing that will ever distract me is a relationship. Fool me once… well, I watched the girl I loved marry my brother. No, hell no, will I ever be fooled again.
Until my brother calls me with devastating news about Ireena and Claudia tries to make me see I have to go help him. But how can I forgive him? And what can I do as Claudia is the only one who can help me get through this?
But by then… what if I’ve already ruined everything?

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The Son Series Book Four

She's dead.
My wife is dead and no one mourns her but her best friend, Kaeja Ingalles and I.
Ignoring all that was decent when we fell in love, that stigma followed us until she died. I hear words of empathy for my loss and our daughter being motherless at such a young age, but there is very little sympathy for the woman I lost and for whom I grieve.
Kaeja and I have no one to turn to but each other for consolation since we are the only two who suffer the gravity of her untimely death. This powerful connection soon becomes the only thing that helps me survive.
But I refuse to start another relationship all wrong again.
When the twin brother I betrayed offers his forgiveness and proposes to help me raise my daughter and manage our family’s café in Silver Springs with me, I jump at the chance. I return to our small hometown and try to provide a good life for my daughter without my wife… and Kaeja.
Time heals all wounds and eventually, even I start to heal. When I see Kaeja again, and we realize our connection was much more than just our shared grief. We experience a mutual healing and find closure, but we also discover joy and fun and laughter in being together. Having done all my relationships wrong from the start, I worry I can’t kick the habit. Then another tremor rocks my life, and I wonder can I face it without losing the very people that I love the most?

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