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Angie Peters has come home to Seaclusion, Washington, the town she fled six years ago after giving her daughter up for adoption. She once again has a secret she will tell no one, especially not Sean Langston, the boy she had a child with so many years before.

Sean Langston has a reputation he can't shake as a result of what happened with Angie. For reasons he refuses to reveal, he is trying to restore a historical house he plans to make into a bed and breakfast named Seclusion. The old, decrepit house has come to represent what Sean wants to be, and not who he has been.

With Angie back, suddenly, everything between them is different. Sean has never stopped loving Angie, and together, after all these years, they start the relationship they were incapable of having as teenagers. Until Sean learns the secret that brought Angie home, and will once again rip their lives apart...




"Realistic Romance at it's finest... Leanne Davis has done something that not many romance writers do. She writes a sub-genre that is realistic romance. SECLUSIONis not escapism--these are flawed people that you could meet anywhere who are trying to work through the problems of life. They are not millionaires nor are they unbelievably gorgeous. But their story is worth telling and gives hope to those in similar situations." -- Dot Dittman- Fresh Fiction


"There is just no way to accurately describe the emotions you feel when reading this book... This is why I read. For the emotional depth that's written on pages that pull you in to the story so deeply you feel every emotion straight through to your core. This author never fails to amaze me with herstories. I devour them and Angie Peters and Sean Langston's heartbreaking story that spans over 10 years gripped me from the start of their story in Secrets to its conclusion in Seclusion." --Cindy, SnS Reviews


 “Perfect ending to the series. I just loved this book. It was so much more than a Romance novel. The depth of the characters was amazing. I was rooting for Sean and Angie during their life learning journey. This book really tied up the series so well and now I am having major book hangover.” Vicki, Goodreads Reviewers



Sean had never been able to totally articulate what had made Seclusion feel like his chance in life. He had driven up on it one day. A mistake really. He’d turned down the wrong road, saw the old for sale sign, lying fallen in the front yard. A front yard that was all weeds and old gravel. He’d looked up at the old house and seen it. Not as it was then, a hollow broken shell of older times, broken dreams. But as it was now. He’d seen it done, shining, a pearl resting on the crook of the sloping shoulders of hills that cradled Seclusion from view from any other house.

            It hugged the coast in a beautiful, isolated, spot; a spot, Sean felt he’d been meant to find. He’d never belonged anywhere. Not really. His father had made it clear he wasn’t needed or particularly cared for at home, and outside of that he’d been mediocre at everything else, and in everyone else’s life. Except for here. At Seclusion. Here he finally belonged.

            It had also been his one goal, to find a place for his mother. And since she couldn’t find a place in life, Sean had created one for her, only to find it fulfilled him too, and the sense of restlessness he had never before known what to do with. It gave him confidence, control, power in his otherwise wasted life. He’d created it, and now he controlled its destiny. Seclusion would succeed or fold on his back, his hard work, his brains, his visions.

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