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What he has to hide are things that are both criminal and wonderful. 

But how can he ever reveal the truth to the Rydell family when his last name is Poletti?


Jade Rydell is being trained to be the the main figurehead for all of the Rydell family operations, not just the ranch she works on, and the horses she loves to care for. It is nearly time for a symbolic "changing of the guard,” and all agree, the future belongs to Jade. 

While she's embarking on this new adventure, she meets ranch hand, Cole Pearson. The kind of strange, quiet man is both surprising and quirky. She isn't fully sure what to make of him. It's obvious he came to them after surviving some recent struggles. He's not telling her everything, and yet, she trusts him enough to let him keep his secrets. 

What she doesn't understand is that Cole is really Cole Poletti. 

A name from the dregs of Rydell River Ranch history. Cole is the son of Chance Poletti, who forty years ago stranded Erin Poletti to the mercy of the Rydell family (starting the entire series!). 

Cole has many secrets and untold motives. But when he falls for Jade in ways that are not part of the plan, the ability to be honest and open vanishes. For Cole hides secrets that are crimes, and a sister, who doesn’t deserve the life she has been relegated to. 

Everything in his life is about his sister, no matter the price: including his integrity, his morals… and Jade.

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