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The greatest fire in state history ripped through the valley and incinerated almost everything and also detonated a passion between two friends that is as explosive as the fire itself.

In the ensuing aftermath, Jocelyn Jantz is left all alone… and pregnant with Ben Rydell’s baby. She realizes that Ben will despise her, and himself, to the end of their days. Their actions snatched their honor, something he always took the most pride in. When he disappears without a word, she’s convinced he is lost to her forever.

Without a word to anyone, Ben runs east, crossing several states, trying to escape the loss he refuses to accept. But his actions only compound the tragedy. He has betrayed the woman he was first committed to, but in disappearing, he leaves behind the woman who deserves his concern now. All that he can see is that his future is ruined and all by his own hand.

But then one day, his father finds him.

And with that discovery is the revelation of the only thing that could draw him back to his former, but altered life, and that is the existence of the baby girl he never meant to father, but that is already born. He must come home to re-build everything that was lost… but the thing is? He has no idea how to even start. But when he meets his daughter, he realizes that her existence is now the only thing that matters…

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"Rydell's who were almost beaten by the tragedies that befell them rise up from the ashes as new people with a whole new business adventure along with the having the love that binds them together." -Cindy, Goodreads Reviewer


"Readers who are familiar with the series will find themselves aching for this young couple. There's no black and white in this series. All characters are flawed and believable, painfully so." -Rebecca, Goodreads Reviewer


"Wow is all i can say. This isn't a pretty story. This has tragedy in it from the start. Ben runs away from all the grief and heartache in his home town. Ben is lost. He loses himself in drugs and alcohol. He is mourning his wife and his town. His dad cones and find him to give him news. This story really gets you. Watching everything unfold, i was in awe. This doesn't just take us on Ben journey but everyone's story on how they cope with the loss." -Samantha, Goodreads Reviewer


" I loved this series! This is another story we wish we could walk into for awhile to stay. We definitely feel like we're a part of this imperfect family by this last book. Leanne you've told this story so beautifully they couldn't ask for more! (But I can!!! Give us more!) :)" Rosalee, Goodreads Reviewer


"This is Ben & Jocelyn's story. What a story it is....tears, fears, hope, and happiness. No-one, and I do mean no-one, can write the emotions of a character the way Leanne does. Easy to read and hard to put down." Gina, Goodreads Reviewer


"Once again the author kept me riveted to this story. Reading how everyone stood together during a time of loss and despair made me realize that family is very important. I loved the characters and loved to read more of everyone on the Rydell Ranch." -Lidias Choice, Goodreads Reviewer


"This is ben & Jocelyn's story and their story breaks my heart! You find out why Ben runs away and there's a pregnancy... ugh oh!!! This book made me cry! Will Jocelyn bring Ben back?" - Jennifer, Goodreads Reviewer


"Leanne Davis kicked it out of the park on this book. The highs, the lows. The drama. Heck yes and I loved it. Highly recommend." -Missie, Goodreads Reviewer



She jerked the door open, suddenly feeling at odds with the gentle, graceful way she intended to face him.

Ben stepped back, surprised that she nearly yanked the doorknob out of his hand.

They stared at each other in a long, lingering moment, and their gazes collided. His eyes looked over her head, then at her face before carefully descending to the tidy bundle in her arms. He couldn’t see anything but the blanket. Lillian wore a hat and her face was snugly burrowed against Jocelyn’s chest.

“Ben?” His name came out as if she were being choked to death and gasping for her last breath of air.

His eyes returned to hers and he licked his lips. After another long, interminable moment, he said, “Hi.”

Hi? All the months of agony, dread, fear, anger, and loneliness about that moment flashed through her brain. Seeing this man. Letting him discover the situation. And his profound response to this critical moment? Hi? Of course. What else would he have said? Did she expect him to fall to his knees in gratitude to be with her?

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