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It was just her luck to fall in love with a small-town boy who never had any small-town dreams. Falling in love was easy… staying together? An entirely different story.

Charlie Rydell fell for Cami Reed because she was his best friend before she was his first love. He foresees their future union as starting in high school and ending in forever.

Cami arrived in River’s End with a past that no one knew much about. Seeking acceptance in a place that she’s never fully acclimated to, Cami acts out in ways that aren’t always appropriate, predictable or accepted. Not even by Charlie. Yet, she is fiercely loyal to the only home and family she’s ever had, even as she fails to live up to the pressures of what her loved ones expect from her. She knows what she wants in her future and that knowledge leads her into making one of the biggest mistakes of her entire life. One which changes the destiny of what forever means to all of them.

Now, Charlie struggles with how to deal with what Cami has done. What possible destiny awaits him? A small-town love and a small-town life? Or the whole world at large? Either path holds things he’s never dreamed of, but the problem is, to have one he has to give up the other. Where does his destiny belong? And how will he know if he’s chosen the right path to lead him there?



“This was a great story. Cami and Charlie's journey to happily ever after was a rough road. But in the end it was a testament of true love. They both grew up a lot during this book. I was torn up to pieces reading this and put back together again. Everything I read by this author is so well written I feel every emotional upheaval and I laugh and cry and celebrate with these characters.” –Kitty, Goodreads Reviewer


“Leanne Davis is a wonderful writer. When I finish one of her books, my heart feels full of love. I immediately want to pick up another book of hers and start reading it. But, I have read them all. Can't wait for June, and her next book. She is great. Treat yourself...put her books on your list.” –NancyAnn Goodreads Reviewer


“This was so good! Charlie and Cami have been best friends since she moved to town. Finally, they become more. That is just the beginning of the story. What follows is a very realistic look at love between two people who want completely different things out of life. The book took a totally different turn then what I had anticipated and it was refreshing to read. Another wonderful saga from one of my go-to authors!” –LLS, Goodreads Reviewer


“Captivating. The way this Author writes just brings you into the story. Thank you Leanne Davis for a great series. Two more left to go. This story of Cami & Charlie is wonderful. You know them as kids & to watch them grow into their own persons finally realizing who they are & what they want.” –Norma, Goodreads Reviewer



“Hey,” he said, keeping his warm gaze fastened steadily on her. Last night was taking their relationship to a never-before-experienced level. She wasn’t comfortable with the change yet and probably wouldn’t be for a while. That’s just how she was. No doubt, she would follow his lead, and act the same way he did. Therefore, if he appeared shy, uncertain or odd, she would too. No. That wasn’t how he wanted them to start out together. With a confident, easygoing, and generally flippant air, this was how they would have to be now.

“Hey,” she repeated, her husky voice soft and breathy as she stepped out the door towards him. With his hands on her waist, he pulled her forward, leaning down and setting his lips on hers. It was easy at first and very quick. He pulled back to gauge her reaction and look into her eyes. She raised up on her tiptoes and pulled his head down to bring him closer again. The energy and heat rose between them and his cool logic fled as her mouth opened against his. They started kissing in a long and passionate embrace on the porch of her house. In broad daylight. The spontaneity took him, and he sensed, her too, by complete surprise. So new. Wow, all of this was so new.

“Charlie? Cami?”

They froze. Lifting his head, Charlie immediately let go of her. They stared at each other for a brief moment and she pressed her lips together before her eyes flashed. She tightened her lips into a flat line and her neck looked strained, as if… Crap. They’d been caught.

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