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One day, a strange man arrives at the Rydell River Ranch looking for Lillian Rydell. 
He just so happens to be the father of her child... only he doesn't know that...

He appears out of nowhere, leaving Lillian shaken and guilt-ridden. How the hell, after all these years, did the father of her only child find her? He is totally unaware of the son they conceived. Long ago, Lillian accepted her life as a single mother, and proceeded to set up a successful veterinarian practice in the town she was raised in. It was smooth sailing until Matt Griffin showed up.

But how can she trust him, a complete stranger, with her precious son’s life? She can’t. She won’t. She will however, meet Matt, and unbeknownst to him, secretly administer the interview of his life. Can Matt fill the enormous role of becoming the father of her child?

Lillian shows up in Westport, the oceanside town where Matt lives and works as a charter boat captain. Although he wonders why she’s there, he isn’t about to lose another shot, possibly his last, with her. Little does he realize what Lillian is about to bring into his life: pivotal changes more immense than the ocean he sails on every day.

When he meets his six-year-old son, Matt has no idea what to do with the boy, but sincerely wants to learn how to be a dad. But there is no ocean where Matt can charter a boat in River’s End, but he also can’t be a real father to his only son from half a state away. Can they find a compromise? One that shows them how to prevail over the challenges that separate them?


“It’s no secret I love Leanne Davis.
I also love this series….
This was the sweetest journey she’s done in this series.
This quote sums it up, “Grabbed him in the guts”.
Perfectly said.
Grabbed me, too.” –Gina, Goodreads Reviewer

“This is a great story. I enjoyed it very much. I’ve read this whole series and each book has been unique in its on right.
Don’t miss this series, each book is a page turner!! I look forward to reading more!!!” – Chasney, Goodreads Reviewer

“Lillian is wonderful in deciding whether Matt is worthy of being in her son’s life. She takes the role of mother as her only priority. This story is beautiful and heartwarming. The path they take to try to co-parent is something everyone could learn from.” – Tessa, Goodreads Reviewer
“The book leads them back together and the suspense and love covers a territory that Leanne covers very well in the book. Her books make her characters real and life like, that is a plus for an author. She fills in the character's background, leaving you with a great understanding of the MC's in her books. Great book and I loved it.” –Robyn, Goodreads Reviewer
“Wow! What an amazing and beautiful story so full of emotion and passion. It took my breath away. Fantastic characters, incredible dialogue and wonderful situations make for addictive reading. I absolutely loved every word of this sensational book which you have got to read.” – Susan, Goodreads Reviewer

“When you asked me if I had any kids. I didn’t answer it. I should have told you yes. I do. I have one son.”
Matt’s entire posture sank. Then a slow smile filled his face. He reached forward and took her hand in his. Warm, gentle, and soft, he squeezed her hand like he always did to show her his care and concern.
“That’s what has you sitting here so dejectedly, like you’re waiting for the sky to fall on you? That’s not a problem. Not for me. I mean, whatever we decide to do, that won’t pose any problems. We can handle it if there is an us, however you see fit.”
Her heart lurched with relief. She wanted to grab his face and shake it, demanding that he stop trying to make this so easy on her. Stop trying to be so good. The guilt only got worse.
She blinked and reeled her thoughts back in. Trying to stay steady, she searched for the words to tell him. Then he asked her, “What’s his name?”
She lifted her face and stared into Matt’s eyes. Studying the slope of his forehead, the dip of his nose, the flare of his nostrils, the arches of his dark eyebrows, the perfect O of his mouth and synchronized widening of his eyes. It was all familiar to her, the same as their son. “Benjamin Mathew Rydell. He’s named for my father and—”
How could she say it? Her stomach roiled with ragged nerves. Here she goes. Stating the truth that could change everything. She gulped down the lump in her throat and held his gaze. Strong and sure, her voice barely wavering, she said, “—and his.”
It took Matt a few moments to mull over the name and register what she said. He replied, “That’s a strong name—” but stopped.
He shook his head, and looked at her, then away. His brain was cataloguing, shuffling through all of her comments until she knew he landed on the most important one, the one that could change everything.
“Didn’t you think my name was Mathew?”
“Yeah. I always thought that was your name.”
He shoved her hand away and sat back, his gaze clinging to hers now. His eyes widened into owl-like orbs and his mouth opened and shut before his jaw set in a grim line. Finally, in a low and measured voice, he asked. “How old is your son?”
“Six. He’s six years old.” She stared at him and added, “And he’s our son… You are his father.”

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