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The ranch was their life. It was supposed to last forever.

It wasn’t supposed to end this way.

Hailey Starr seeks refuge at the Rydell River Resort in the wake of her bitter divorce and from the ensuing hatred she receives from her daughter and her confused, hurt son. While her ex honeymoons with his new wife, Hailey decides not to care. She intends to recapture some of what she lost over the tumultuous years preceding the breakdown of their family. She chooses that place because it has no distractions except the sun and total relaxation. Then her daughter decides she’s going to sleep with a man. Hailey’s only true line of defense lies in her daughter’s quarry. Joey Rydell is a decent guy who emphatically rejects her daughter’s attention, but he doesn’t turn Hailey down. Flustered and shocked by his irrational interest, Hailey fears it will do nothing but inflame her already rebellious daughter.

Joey Rydell moved back to River’s End after years of being in the Army. Back for good now, he runs the Rydell River Resort, and consequently, deals directly with the guests. The woman who catches his eye, however, isn’t the one that anyone could have predicted, including Hailey.

But all of that drama ceases to matter when the entire valley bursts into an out of control brush fire. The hot, dry summer fuels a fire bigger than anything anyone has ever seen. Erratically roaring through the valley, it destroys everything in its path. Joey is again called to duty to extinguish much more than just the stark miles that are charred in its wake. Fire augments the end to the loves and lives of the Rydells. Their destiny is in turmoil after being nurtured and groomed unlike any other family. Can they survive the somber aftermath of the Armageddon-like destruction? What if there is nothing left of the ranch? Is it the lifeblood of the Rydells? Or are the Rydells the lifeblood of River’s End?

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"This story was so emotional. Pain & devastation, the loss of so much for the Rydell family, yet they're coming together as only a loving family can!"  --Norma, Goodreads Reviewer


"10 STARS!!!!!Ugly crying warning!!! Devastating and gut wrenching!!! Leanne Davis does it again...real life issues, devastation, love, hope, death, divorce, and a family bond like no other!!! I cried so hard for this family and pray they can rebuild!!! -Angela, Goodreads Reviewer


"Awesome Story!!! This probably the saddest story I've read in this series but the 

best one. I absolutely loved this book. I recommend this series to all. I never saw this one coming. Great job Leanne !!" -Brenda, Goodreads Reviewer


"The fire that destroyed and brought them together. This book was one of my favorites of the series. Joey was so much more than everyone have him credit for... The fire that threatens the Rydell's legacy will draw them all closer and form bonds like never before." -Karie, Goodreads Reviewer


"This book was intense and shocking and surprising at the same time with Joey liking Hailey who doesn't see that attraction coming at all... So much going on but so worth reading to the end to find it all out." -Deirdre, Goodreads Reviewer


"Leanne certainly out did her self with this one as all her books. This was a amazing read .Lots of action and suspense. Older women younger guy ,deals with guilt over divorce and the kids. Major loss and so much more. Definitely worth one clicking." -Bridget, Goodreads Reviewer



“Joey…” she whispered, her eyes filling with tears. His name symbolized all the conflicting feelings she wanted to express.

He shook his head. “I knew. I knew this was coming. There was no other outcome. Look, I’ve been called in. I have to go. So… I guess, that’s it.”

“Called in? Where? To do what?” Hailey’s mouth dropped open in surprise.

“I’m a volunteer firefighter for the valley. That lightning has started some fires around the area. Anyway, I need to get out there and help fight it.”

“I had no idea.”

He paused from his searching. “Yeah, well, there’s lots you still don’t know about me.”

“Joey, this can’t be it… We need to…”

He stared at her. “The end result is, you’re going to tell me you can’t be with me. There are reasons. Real, responsible reasons. And those are your kids. I know you well enough to understand I can’t talk you out of those reasons. Mostly because they’re your kids. I get that, Hailey. But it hurts. And honestly? I don’t want to go there. I don’t want to hear it. I already know it.”


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