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She has endless regrets for her life, until the one moment that fully clarifies what regret really is…

Francine Rydell regrets most of her life to date, except for her son, Russell. Most people in River's End can't forgive or forget the stigma that follows her, she had a long-term relationship with her stepbrother, Stanley, while she was married to Hunter Rydell. But all that is long over, and now she is trying to make amends, while responsibly raising her son.


Recent actions aimed directly at Francine, make it clear someone is threatening her. She hesitates sharing her concerns, for fear of being ignored, or reigniting her former, awful nickname. Her entire past undermines her credibility. Yet, she’s sure it isn’t Stanley’s interference this time causing the danger. But who will ever believe her?


As it turns out, cop Roman Barrett will. Eventually. Roman is the adopted cousin of Hunter, and knows Francine’s long, sordid history. He has a hard time letting go of who and what he believes she is. But the more he gets to know her, he finds she’s nothing like he perceived.


When someone enacts the ultimate revenge against Francine, her only hope is if Roman can figure out what happened, before it’s too late.

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