Francine Rydell regrets most of her life to date, except for her son, Russell.
Most people in River's End can't forget or forgive the stigma that follows her; she had a long-term relationship with her stepbrother, while she was married to Hunter Rydell.
But that is over and now she is trying to grow, change and raise her son.
But someone doesn't want that to happen and that's her former lover, Stanley Stanton.
How can she tell anyone about her concerns, when no one will sympathize, and all that it will do, is re-ignite the distasteful nickname that so many called her?

While she doesn't want to be a joke anymore, Stanley becomes more aggressive in his actions towards her, far beyond the usual manipulative ways he's always been.
Instead she feels almost threated by him.

 But who will ever believe her?