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Caleb Hayes avoids two things in life: change and work. Of late, neither is going well.

Josephina Ruiz watches her beloved little brother marry his long–time boyfriend, Jordan Hayes, forcing her to tolerate in their union, Caleb Hayes, as now being a part of her life. After an off–putting come on she realizes the extent of the rumors she’s heard about Caleb are most likely true. From womanizing, to petty crimes to all around laziness, he’s the last man she ever intends to give a chance to… until he almost loses his brother, and begs her to help him change.

When forced by circumstances to face his own shortcomings, Caleb starts to see himself from a new light. A not so positive light. He begins to understand not only his brother, but the woman who begins to show him an entirely different way of living than he’s ever embraced. In Josephina, Caleb is challenged from every belief he has to every action he does. And he finally begins to see the damage his life does to others, but by then, has the harm he’s caused others, be too late to change? Can his ultimate redemption bring about healing with the one person he now knows is the best kind of change of all?

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“I adored this story. It starts a little rough because well, life isn’t always easy. The writer captured my attention with Caleb and the way he perceives certain situations. Just like in life, we have to see the ugly of Caleb before we get to the diamond he is. Josephina is a strong woman and the protective side of her shines throughout.” --Tessa, Goodreads Reviewer
“River of Change was an amazing story that followed the journey of Caleb, Kailynn's brother. Caleb hated change and never understood why things had to change… I absolutely loved this book! I can't get enough of River's End!” Lori, Goodreads Reviewer
“Heartwarming. This story of Caleb & Josefina was so emotional and true to life. How Caleb had no self-esteem, met Josefina through odd circumstance in their lives that brought them together. He fell in love with her, but felt he wasn't good enough for her. The story of how they grew together through ups & downs, self doubt & insecurity. Finally realizing they both deserved their love for each other. I've loved reading all the books in this series. So glad I found this Author & can't wait to start reading the next book.” –Norma, Goodreads Reviewer
“Gah!!! Once again, Leanne Davis has stopped me in my tracks and made me think, believe and feel., but not without hope. Josephina, what girl doesn't picture herself as this strong, this determined, and this worthy of love.” --Gina, Goodreads Reviewer
“This the first book I've read from the River's End series. I enjoyed the story and the characters. It was an easy read. It had it was sweet and sexy all wrapped into one.” Amy, Goodreads Reviewer
“I have to say she really pushed herself to the limit with this book. Davis took what could be seen as a controversial topic and was able to shine a light on it. Caleb and Josephina’s relationship become stronger and they find love at the end through the brothers. Well done.” –LS, Goodreads Reviewer
She tilted her head, evaluating him. “First of all, I asked you for the ice cream and I thought the rides were fun. But do you think you’re that person still, Caleb?”
He shrugged, squeezing his eyes shut. “Unfortunately, I do think I am.” He glanced her way. “But after both of my siblings just informed me how miserable their life with me was, I prefer not to be that stupid jerk. I’d like to grow up and be better now. I’m just not sure I know how.”
His tone was so heartfelt. So vulnerable. So real. She touched his arm, unable to resist his sincerity. “You do know how, Caleb. You’ve been doing it. That’s the only reason I’m here.”
He stared down at her hand on his arm and his expression seemed oddly stricken. She was so candid with him now. Even she was surprised by her own truthfulness. He touched her hand with his and squeezed her fingers, saying, “I’d like to think so. But there’s still a lot to undo.”
She held her breath and their gazes locked, like a shared whisper between them. She let his arm go and he clutched her hand as they dropped onto the sand below them. Her heart beat erratically and much harder. It was interrupting her usually cool thoughts. Damn. She was all jumbled up. Surprised at how serious Caleb had become and recalling all the fun they had, her understanding of his childhood and dreams reflected her own and were nothing like what she originally imagined.
She couldn’t look at him as a flush of confusion swept over her. Luckily, it was growing dusky and the sun’s glare had already vanished. Silence descended between them while they held hands. But it wasn’t anything like before. This time, it was comfortable. Their hands were joined. Caleb cared about what Josefina thought. They shared intimate revelations and somehow, still connected. She shuddered at the thought. God. No. She could not bond with Caleb. She adamantly refused to be drawn into a sob story and a little boy desire to change and grow up. She saw no proof he was even capable of doing that. How easily he could turn out to be a disaster. Someone who seduced her into a futile, immature relationship. No. Hell no.
She had plans, and goals and unflappable ideals. And they didn’t include a guy.  It had to be THE guy. A great guy. A man far above and beyond, that kind of quality guy. Not a damn Caleb Hayes from River’s End.

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