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Mateo Alvarez knew only darkness in his childhood and youth. He finally gets a break working at Rydell Rides because his boss, Shane Rydell, gives him the job opportunity, despite his prison record. But Shane also warns Mateo to go nowhere near his daughter, Iris. The problem is, that’s not the daughter that has caught Mateo’s eye. Rose has.

Prim and proper, Rose Rydell is home in River’s End with her education complete. She avoids the world her dad and sister inhabit as car mechanics. But most especially she avoids her sister's best friend, Mateo Alverez. With his violent past, prison record and neck-tattoo… she’s more than unnerved by him but completely distrustful of what he thinks or might do.

Until one day… he changes everything between them. It shocks her. And… also, changes everything she notices and thinks about him. He finally has her attention but he has no idea what to do with it. She starts to see things he’s hidden from everyone his entire life. Things that aren’t dark or violent, but talents and interests far beyond what’s ever been noticed before.

But when violence touches River’s End… Mateo is the first suspect. The natural suspect in everyone’s eyes. The exact thing Mateo always expected to happen. As their relationship finally comes out to all of River’s End, they have to find a way to keep Mateo free and their love together…



“If you have read Leanne Davis before, you know her books always have meaning and you learn a lot about something. This one I believe you learn that you should not judge others by how they look. This is Mateo and Rose's story… If you like an opposites attract and strong women and men, then this would be an excellent book for you to pick up and read.” –Susan, Goodreads, Reviewer


“The hero was a secondary in the prior book and I was amazed by how his character developed in this story. It caught me by surprise and that doesn't happen very often. Great story.” --Donna, Goodreads Reviewer


“This book in the series is one that I truly loved, right from the gegt go it grabbed me in and never let me go. I missed sleep and was cranky for this book…” –Roni, Goodreads Reviewer


“Wow,, just WOW!!! My heart broke so much reading this book! Mateo has been through so much in his life!! He has never felt love or been loved, untill Rose comes into his life. Mateo goes through Hell, but comes out on top. With the love of Rose by his side, she pushes him to go for his dreams!! There's no limit to what Mateo can do!
I absolutely loved this book!! By far my favorite in the series!!” –Natalie, Goodreads Reviewer


“This is one of my favorite series! I was so excited for Rose's story and I was not disappointed! I was so enamored by Mateo's past. I couldn't stop reading!” – Lori, Goodreads Reviewer


A lot of denials. Blah, blah, blah… Questioning him was routine and all that, but Mateo knew it wasn’t. They thought he was guilty and he’d most likely take the rap for it. There went his job again, and his gaze hardened as he stared at Shane. He didn’t want it anymore now. Not if Shane were so easily persuaded of his guilt, after almost four years of loyal service without a single misdeed or act of poor conduct. Mateo had full access to the cash drawer and none was ever missing. And oh, the ironies. None was missing now.

Off in the distance, Mateo spotted Iris standing there. Watching him get cuffed. His friend. His best friend. His first real friend. But she didn’t charge forward like Rose. After a few words of protest, Iris started to back away as if it pained her too much to even look at Mateo. Like she couldn’t face the situation. What? Was he now out of sight, out of mind?  She worked and trusted him before anyone else and still, she didn’t rush to his defense. She stood back, oddly quiet with a dazed, strange expression. The denouncement by Iris and Shane almost slammed him to his knees. If not for Rose, he might have surrendered to their preconceived suspicions and simply taken the blame if only so they could maintain their erroneous beliefs. His neck-tat, that seemed like so small an item, was the very thing that made him appear guilty to so many.

Except Rose.

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