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Hunter Rydell caught his cheating wife red-handed, with her own stepbrother! Fleeing to a remote ranch owned by his cousin, Asher, Hunter emphatically rejects the life he once so proudly established in the big city. Eventually, his marriage, identity and lifelong dreams crumble in the blink of an eye, leaving him not only heartbroken, but burned out and jaded.

Self-medicating with alcohol, Hunter has no clue about his next move so he chooses to wallow in his wretched situation. The only good thing he can still appreciate is Kyomi Wade, a girl whom he likes to hang out with. She dates his cousin and often visits the ranch where he insists on hibernating. Soon, however, she and Hunter spend more time together than either of them do with Asher. Their strong friendship gradually helps Hunter's broken heart to heal. Kyomi, however, refrains from exposing very much about herself. Hunter can only wonder why she settles for a few crumbs from Asher while he longs to give her the entire world, which she deserves.

Eventually, a compelling secret from Hunter’s past invades his present. Hunter fears losing the new life he now embraces because of the grave influences of his former life. How can he handle such an explosive secret without losing all that he managed to gain since he snubbed the city and his recent past?



“Oh wow. Starts with such a shocking start that you think the shocks are done with, but no, Leanne knows how to give the unexpected shocks every time. Hunter was so ambitious and almost arrogant but you slowly see that after the shock that his wife gave him that his values change to value honesty and friendship and family above all. Kyomi and he develop an honest friendship and cause of their honesty, they are able to overcome more struggles and shocks. Such a great story with excellent character development.” – Gen, Bookbub


“This story of Hunter and Kyomi was amazing. Two wonderful people meeting, becoming friends, and then lovers. Great example of a story of two people going from friends to lovers. The way they helped each other through trying times was heartwarming and even funny at times. They each had been hurt badly in the past, but found the strength to help each other.”—Bookbub Reviewer


“I have thought long and hard as to what I wanted to say about this story. I don’t feel my words will do justice to how amazing and incredible it is. Leanne Davis has once again written a compelling, compassionate and intriguing book. The dialogue between Hunter and Kyomi is just wonderful. The characters just spoke to me with all the emotions involved in their complex situation. I loved the descriptions of the towns and ranches making me feel as if I really was there. My attention was taken from start to finish. I loved every word and highly recommend it to you.”—Susan, Goodreads Reviewer


“Kyomi, becomes a support and more for Asher. She is everything his estranged wife is not. Honestly, Kyomi is everything I am not. She is so strong, yet kind, introspective and giving of herself without expecting anything back. Of course, it is not all smooth sailing but it really was handled in a mature, responsible way. I cried, I was frustrated and I laughed. I loved it!”—Rebecca, Goodreads Reviewer



“How do you do that?”

Puzzled, she smiled at him. “Do what?”

“Make me laugh. And forget for a few moments I’m suppressing my rage in my throat right now. Even though I sit in the same place where I witnessed my wife lying naked beneath another man… I’m laughing. Freaking full-on cackling. And it doesn’t hurt so damn much anymore. How do you do that?”

Her smile slipped as he stared down at her. “Easily. I found your silly, stupid, expensive underwear.”

He smiled but kept staring into her eyes. It was like they were invisibly connected and their eyes could not be separated from the other. Her heart started beating harder and strange sensations that were new and big and confusing rushed through her. What? What was this? His gaze seemed to zero in on her face and a strange tenderness filled it. Something she could not explain and never expected to be directed at her. “They aren’t stupid and they aren’t for girls,” he said, his words not matching the strange intensity of his gaze on her. “My underwear are awesome.”

He leaned forward slightly and her entire body jerked. No. He should not do that. Why did he do that? Their smiling, laughing expressions started to fade and she felt like she was mimicking his and vice versa. Who goes from laughing and having fun and teasing and being humorous to suddenly becoming so intensely serious?

“You have a knack.” His voice was soft, almost a whisper.

“Of what? Being classless?”

“Being exactly what I need.”

Her breath caught, her heart stopped and her entire body froze. Wow. Those words. Intoxicating. Magical.

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