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Next Release

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

What is more authorish than to start my 2020 new blog with a post about my next release? Sigh. Yes, I'm totally uncreative in this. But... it's the easiest place to start! I assume it's what most people are visiting this website/blog for... my books. Hopefully, out of liking (or loving!) one or more of them. Otherwise... I can't picture what would be interesting for a person to be reading this or browsing my website!

Coming in just over a month, book #13 of the River's End Series, and tells the story of Shane and Allison Rydell's third born daughter, Violet. She lost her fiance in a tragic accident and two years later, the grief follows her. To escape the facing the anniversary of his death she has taken to spending the summers up in the mountains where her family has a camp that she can get to with her horses.

For the most part, she is alone the entire time she is up there. So when she enters her camp one day to find a man standing there... the first thing she does is grab at the gun on her hip.

Gage Sullivan works for the Forrest Service and in order to escape a summer alone in his house as his thirteen year old daughter is spending August with her grandparents, he finagles a chance to do some trail work. He's camping in some remote mountains and fixing the trail and finds a woman seeming to all but live up there alone.

Sparks fly before she trusts him but once she starts to warm up with him... she won't tell him her name. Natural enough he believes at first. Protecting herself from a stranger and all that. But as their friendship develops for there is no one but each other to hang out with (!) she still refuses to tell him any identifying information about herself.

Which leads to all kinds of issues, like how is he going to find her once they finally leave the mountains?

But Violet won't risk her heart again. She isn't ready for a relationship or even the hint that her heart could get tangled with another. So she's resolute they won't see each other again. They are done. Forever.

Except... Gage knows who she is...

This story takes a deep dive into grief resolution and how it affects a person and their decisions. There is no grand moment or answer for Violet... even Gage's love for her doesn't "cure" the hurts that have changed her heart and core.

But keep reading to find out... :)

This book also dives into Gage being a single father with a teenage daughter, Andy and she reacts to his new found desire to be in a relationship... I really love Andy! She adds some lightness, funny zingers and fun to the story. And Gage as a father? Will melt your heart!

Okay, that's my sales pitch for my next book! But I LOVE this series and the next addition is no different...

To preorder:

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