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So the last of the Zenith Series new additions pivots from the Randall sisters to Jody Lassiter. Her parents' romance started this series with Zenith Falling.

All grown up now, Jody is the spitting image of her mother and the personality of her father. She is kind of glorious in all her opinions, kindness and confidence. (She's kind of who I wish I could often be!)

She meets amateur drummer, Ross Karahan who has a huge, rude chip on his shoulder that makes him think he cares about no one and nothing, until he meets her. 

There is nothing usual about these two or the story I end up telling about them!

This cover is both simple and sexy, a little bit dark and yet, hints at something more complicated. That is EXACTLY the tone of this story!

Super excited to share the last two Zeniths with you guys!

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