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More River's End Books!

I've gotten a bunch of messages about the end of River's End. 

There is no end! 

I know the bonus material released this year is an "end" for Jack and Erin but that's why it's THEIR extended epilogue.

It is not supposed to be the end for the series. 

There will be MANY more additions coming.

I plan to add to it indefinitely.

So keep watch for books about, Daisy, Lillian, Jade, Melanie, Silas, Asher, Ian & Kailynn's son, Josefina & Caleb's kids, Cami & Charlie's twins... and others that you've yet to meet!

So please keep check. I'll probably add several each year.

In fact, July is when I'm starting the next one, Book #14, Lillian Rydell's story. 

Anyway, I thought I'd make a note of this because of all the messages!

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