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Karlee's Cover!

Zenith's Legend is one of my favorite covers. It's gorgeous 😍 and the woman featured on it is so haunting, exactly the tone I was looking for. Read the story and I think you'll agree! This was the story I was originally setting out to write (and ended up with 4 new Zenith stories!). I adored the relationship between Rob-the-rock-star and three-year-old, lisping, Karlee Randall from Zenith Fulfilled. 

For years I wanted to check in with how she matured and revive their close relationship as father and daughter. 

That is how all these books started. And then, I had the rock star right there to write about... so why not go big with that idea and have another generation attempting to find fame and glory... This story is BIG in idea, in depth, in characters. It has talent, rock stars, wealth, love, friendship, secrets and betrayals... all culminating to an ending that is years in the making...

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