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Two sisters come to the small, ocean side town of Seaclusion. That's just the start of all the lives that will be changed with suspense, drama, adventure, heartache... and love.

Luke Tyler wants peace from the grief that has ruled his life in the three years since his wife’s death. Instead he is forced to share a house with Kelly Reeves as they care for their shared nephew. He dislikes everything about Kelly until he begins to glimpse the true woman hiding beneath the notorious reputation that Kelly has carefully created.

Kelly thought her trip to the small town of Seaclusion, Washington, would be nothing but a forgettable two-week vacation. Then she accidentally witnesses Luke’s staggering grief and suddenly reevaluates what is truly important. Soon, Luke becomes the only person she trusts past the facade she has cultivated.

Kelly believes their love can conquer all, but Luke isn’t convinced. Kelly is forced back to her life of fame and fortune, making Luke question which is riskier…letting her walk away or running after her?




“Leanne Davis writes such emotional stories. In the first book of the series we met the siblings of John and Cassie and knew these two had some serious issues. This is their emotional journey to healing from extreme heartbreak and finding the courage to face insecurities that have defined who you show the world… Was it as a reader an incredibly journey from start to finish – yes. There are two more books in this series and I cannot wait to see what the author has in store for Sarah.” –Cindy, SnS Reviews



Then the fireworks started. A beautiful explosion of colors filled the night sky that seemed like a black canvas for the rainbow of sparks and fire. Luke tugged her back so she was in his embrace, lying with him, looking up at the sky. Kelly glanced around. Luke was right, everyone else was cuddled together too. It was just about the most romantic and beautiful spot she could imagine. And the intensity of how happy she was shook her to the core. This was what it was to be cherished and loved. She was completely surrounded by Luke’s body, and his wayward comments that made her smile or laugh. When he spoke, she was completely in tune with him. Everything she pretended to be her entire life, melted away when she was with Luke. The real Kelly was all that was left; and that was the Kelly that Luke liked the most.

And this was the end of it.

Tears filled her eyes and fell silently. At least the darkness concealed her sadness. She would remember this as the most perfect moment of her entire life. The before moment, before they had their talk where Luke would tell her he can’t ever love her because she was ten years too late. This moment now, where she was tucked in Luke’s arms, as safe and cared for as she’d never been as a child or a woman. This one moment now where she could pretend she was loved, by the man that she loved.

But like everything else in her life, nothing lasts. So when the fireworks ended and the crowd applauded, slowly, people started to get up together and pick up their belongings, shaking the sand loose from them.

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