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He's a self-made billionaire.
She's married to a wannabe rock star.
They're the last two people who should be together.
They're the only one each other want.
Nick Lassiter is a powerful business magnate who has no room in his life for anyone or anything, but especially the sad, scared, mixed up girl that he finds in Joelle Williams. He’s her friend, her boss and once-in-a-while savior. And that’s all he is because she’s married to the lead singer of the rock band, Zenith.
But because of Zenith, Joelle’s life is spiraling out of control into dark places she can’t escape. Until one fateful night, when her entire life implodes… and Nick is the only person she has to run to. Joelle soon sees only one thing clearly: Nick Lassiter has become so much more than just a friend who can save her.
He has become her only chance to survive, to heal, to change.
To love.

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