She’s forcing him to find an entirely new definition to what family means…

When tragedy strikes Daisy Rydell’s sister, it summons Daisy’s courage to finally admit her crush on Asher Reed. The same tragedy propels Asher to pursue his longest held dream: owning and working his own cattle ranch.
Shocked at Daisy’s admission he doesn’t know what to think. Asher dully insists that his ranch-life will never satisfy her love for the city and does his best to discourage her from her feelings towards him. He eventually agrees to one date with Daisy to prove his indifference to her. Not only does the date go terribly, but Daisy actually re-thinks her years of crushing on him.
But eventually, neither can deny the chemistry that links them inextricably.
Their relationship endures through long separations and diverse life paths. Something they both appreciate and support in the other. Even when it’s hard. Even when it takes them away from each other.
But what Asher knows and Daisy is late in admitting… Nothing lasts forever and family news brings that fully in focus. Things always change, and the most shocking lesson is yet to come…

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