Mateo Alvarez knew only darkness in his childhood and youth. He finally gets a break working at Rydell Rides because his boss, Shane Rydell, gives him the job opportunity, despite his prison record. But Shane also warns Mateo to go nowhere near his daughter, Iris. The problem is, that’s not the daughter that has caught Mateo’s eye. Rose has.
Rose Rydell is home in River’s End with her education and job training done to start working with her mom as a dyslexia specialist and tutor. She avoids the world her dad and sister inhabit as car mechanics. But most especially she avoids Mateo. With his violent past, prison record and neck-tattoo… she’s more than unnerved by him but completely distrustful of what he thinks or might do.
Until one day… he changes everything between them.
It shocks her. And… also, changes everything she notices and thinks about him. And she will never again go back to ignoring or fearing him. He finally has her attention but he has no idea what to do with it. She starts to see things he’s hidden from everyone his entire life. Things that aren’t dark or violent, but talents and interests far beyond what’s ever been noticed before.
But when violence touches River’s End… Mateo is the first suspect. The natural suspect in everyone’s eyes. The exact thing Mateo always expected to happen. As their relationship finally comes out to all of River’s End, they have to find a way to keep Mateo free and their love together…

His dead, black heart stirred to life..j