Luke Tyler wants peace from the grief that has filled his life in the three years since his wife’s death. Instead, he is relegated to sharing a house with Kelly Reeves as they care for their nephew. Luke dislikes everything about Kelly until he begins to glimpse the true woman hiding beneath the notorious reputation that Kelly has carefully crafted.

Kelly expected her trip to the small town of Seaclusion, Washington to be nothing more than a forgettable two-week vacation. Then, after accidentally witnessing the extent of Luke’s staggering grief, she suddenly re-evaluates what is truly important. Soon, Luke becomes the only person she trusts. She allows only him beyond the facade she has so skillfully erected.

Kelly believes their love can conquer all, but Luke isn’t quite convinced. Kelly is forced back to her life of fame and fortune, and Luke must question which is riskier: letting her walk away from him or running after her?


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